no longer Friday

We're a few minutes into Saturday and honestly I'm not sorry to see Friday in my rearview window. You know how some days just get under your skin and annoy you like a tick's head?

Well, that was Friday to me. A tick head under the skin.

I guess it didn't start off bad but I woke up very tired and I suspected things weren't going to get any better. I don't put much store by premonitions--but the hair on my arms was standing up on this one, baby. LOL

In retrospect, the day wasn't bad enough to warrent a premonition. No car wrecks, no failed romances, no bad medical diagnosis, not even a stubbed toe befell me. Yet I didn't like the day from the first minute and I'm glad it's gone. Weird.

In case you're curious about what did happen in my day--prepare to be bored to tears. For the most part, I don't do very interesting things.

At work I juggle 3 projects and the one I think should have the highest priority isn't topmost on the list for my boss. In fact, the project I think is least important--getting paraffin block samples of breast tumor using a microtome--is her top choice and this has caused a lot of indirect friction. Since the paraffin project has been on a back burner for 3 years and has very little chance of success I hate to put too much time into it right now. I think my boss has flipped her priority on this lately for a subconscious reason. My top priority project is to get a paper out the door and to a journal and I think my boss is a little worried about it. The paper is great, but it'll be the first one that she's done on her own and I think in the back of her mind there's a conflict going on. As a result, she keeps tossing obstacles in the way that delay submission of the manuscript. It's very frustrating. Just today she added another set of experiments to my schedule which really don't add anything to what we're trying to prove in the paper. But it added 3 hours of useless work to my schedule today since I had to make new stocks of a number of agents and thaw out several cell lines--normal and cancerous--to grow up for next week's experiments.

Also adding to the frustration of the morning hours was a series of phone calls and Emails from my boss asking such mundane questions that I'm sure she must have known the answers already. They must have just been diversions so she'd not have to finish a diagram we need for the paper. Tach, the MD I work with in the lab, drew up the diagram 3 weeks ago and I used Illustrator to make a nice computer version of it. My boss didn't like it and said that she'd sketch out a new one for me to create--but that was 3 weeks ago and so far she's not done any work on it at all. *sigh*

Do you get the impression I don't like my boss? LOL Actually she's great to work for but when she gets to procrastinating--watch out! I'm basically lazy so procrastination comes naturally to me. My boss is like many surgeons, an adrenaline junky, and needs lots of activity and stimulation. For her to sit behind a desk and spend hours creating a diagram of cell cycle mechanics is no doubt her version of Hell--and as a result I get mornings like I had yesterday. Constant calls and Emails for silly things. It was like taking care of a 2 year old! She's just not very good at procrastinating and seems to need to pretend to be doing things instead of just chilling and leaving me alone to do my work! Dammit.

Now that I think about it, that analogy of a tick with its head embedded under my skin seems to have a lot more meaning than I first thought. LOL

Well, that takes me up to 11am and then the day started to really suck! It helps to write about this but I don't want to bore the entire universe with these trivial matters. Thanks for listening! ;-)


Chrissie said…
Hi Utenzi
Here from Michele's
Hope tomorrow's better for you!!
It is Saturday afterall!!!
Pretty design btw.
Yaeli said…
I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!!!!!
Hope you didn't miss me too much!!!
I love the new look blog! Is that your blog version of a spring clean??

Yaeli said…
And here's another comment cos Michele sent me to visit you!!!
Cheers big ears!!!
Mary Horn said…
Thanks for the compliment and the battle. Good luck. And don't forget to click my tenant. :o)
Kismet said…
howdy do.
I had 'one of those Friday's" also. Glad it is over.

Well, I had a rather good day all told...I got quite a lot accomplished, especially one thing that had been hanging over my head since the middle of April!'m sorry your day sucked, my dear Utenzi...And I hope your weekend will be much better!
BTW: Now that you know I am old enough to be your mother, does that change how you see me?? I hope not, because I am truly no-age when it comes to my enthusiam for certain things...
See you around the Blogesphere on this Meet & Greet Weekend, I'm sure!
Well, I went over to Michele's for one last time before going off to Zzzzland...and she sent me right back to you! I was here on my own a moment ago, my dear.
Seraphim said…
I'm sorry you didn't have a good day, Utenzi! And thanks so much for the spider help... I did finally identify the thing as a brown widow... luckily not a black one!! Still got Hubby to dispose of it in the end though, chicken that I am ;)
Pearl said…
TGIS, eh? Procrastination clouds the thinking of the best. (Nice tick pic btw.)
Mitey Mite said…
Well, I can sorta relate to your boss...If you're an action-type, paperwork IS the bottom level of hell..and calling and emailing you is action, of sorts. (And, yes, it puts off that non-action paperwork a little longer.)

But sorry you had to endure it.

I like your blog! Here from Michele's.
colleen said…

I guess I should have more men read over my posts to give a guys perspective. I knew the one about the shirt would not be too scary for men, but I had no idea how the bathrobe scene would read to one. Thanks for your insight!
Jean-Luc Picard said…
Saturday is always a great day!

Michele sent me here.
Carmi said…
This isn't at all boring. It is, in fact, reflective of the kinds of work-related challenges we all face every day. I could probably write a book about the roadblocks I've faced in my own 9-to-5 existence.

I often wish I could work for myself and then not have to deal with stuff like this. But then I realize that entrepreneurs must deal with clients and other realities, too. There's no escape.

Thankfully, there's always a tomorrow that will hopefully turn out better. And if the today is a Friday, then there's always the weekend. Bless the weekend.
Prego said…
I'm a deadline guy myself. I use every excuse to leave things for the last minute. Having someone else do it does have a high annoyance factor.

ps. that's quite the disgusting graphic you picked to illustrate your point. i'm going to go give the dog a bath for sure.

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