moving furniture

According to one story I've heard, thunder is the sound made when the gods are moving furniture. If so, there's a whole lot of rearranging going on right now.

I've taken two days off from work, yesterday and today. The main reason was a bunch of official and unofficial stuff regarding my truck. The official involved getting it inspected, an annual event here in NC but it's mostly exhaust emissions. I know some of the Northern states have a serious inspection where they make sure tires are good, brakes, lights, etc. In any case, once that was done I also treated it to an oil change and wanted to get a new gas filter but unfortunately they didn't have any in stock for my type truck. Bummer. It's not bad yet, but there's been two times in the past week and a half where the engine was having trouble sucking up gas.

I was able to get my registration renewed on the truck after the inspection so that official stuff is done for the year. The unofficial stuff was the oil change (it'd been nearly 18 months since the last one--I am so bad to this truck) and gas filter. I also made a run to the landfill to drop off 3 bags of garbage.

I've been chipping away at mowing my lawn also yesterday and this morning. Since it's over an acre and I use a manual mower I don't do it all at once, but rather split it into 3 one hour sessions. What with going to my girlfriend's place last weekend and all the rain we've had recently--including today, perhaps--it's been difficult to do any mowing and so it'd gotten VERY long and quite shaggy.

Since the daytime temps have been well into the 90s lately I was hoping to get a lot done early in the morning. Today I was out there at 8:15am, however it was already over 80 even then and so humid the spark plug just looked up at me when I tried to get the mower going and said "are you frickin' kidding? You want a spark out of me, today???" Despite the sparkplug's reluctance I did get 45 minutes of mowing in before deciding that a Lime Coca-cola and a book sounded a lot better than mowing and sweating.

If it does rain, instead of just doing this thunder and lightning thing, I might get some housework done. Both downstairs bathrooms are in very serious need of cleaning and I know a few carpets that haven't seen a vacuum in quite some time. At least I did the laundry while I was busy this morning. So something has been done inside...but there's so much more to do. LOL Always is, I guess.

Wow. It's definitely raining now. Noah would recognize rain like this!


Dak-Ind said…
its hot here. its supposed to be over a hunderd by sunday. we dont get hot and rain though... thats a purely southern thing. those of us who have never lived there really dont understand the humidity thing.

michele sent me
rampant bicycle said…
I think given the choice I would always pick a lime & Coke (I prefer to add my own lime juice) and a good book over mowing and sweating. :)

I may live in Canada now, but I know how hot and gross it can get south of here! Hang in there. (And hello from Michele's!)
mg said…
I'd love to have moisture here in NM.. but then again, I enjoy dry heat better than the muggy NC air.

I lived in Hickory and Marion as a child, and I still remember how I'd be soaking wet at the end of a hard-playing day of climbing trees :)

Hello, Michele sent me!
Cyndy said…
I absolutely ADORE North Carolina, as I think I've said before, but I do NOT miss the humidity any longer now that I'm in Colorado
Here from Michele
Twist of Kate said…
OH I love thunderstorms and rain...sad for me that I live in Southern California, huh! Well I grew up in Wisconsin so I remember them well. Hi there, here from Michele's today!
Teresa said…
We have thunderstorms around today too. It was pretty bad last night. It doesn't bother me too much, but the animals hate it -- some hide, some cling to me so I can't get anything done. So far today, we've only had some noise and flashes -- they've gone around us, but that doesn't mean that we won't get some at any moment.

It sounds like you are using your day in a productive manner. I'm so proud of you!
vanx said…
Welcome to hurricane season '06~,:^)
knitti-me said…
We don't get many thunder and lighting shows out here in northern California. It's getting pretty hot here too - 108 yesterday; however, we don't have the humidity - thank God.

Here from Michele's.
rashbre said…
I'd forgotten that expression about Thunder. Thanks for bringing back a childhood memory!

here today via Michele's!

I don't move furniture around in the middle of the night out of courtesy to my neighbors. Wish the gods would do the same, the bastards.
Pearl said…
Ooooh, I *love* a good storm. It's so refreshing. Puttering about getting all those things done sounds fulfilling.

Sure I can't entice you into rhubarb? I know once someone makes you eat something, it can ruin you forever for it. It took me 15 years to cycle back to raspberries.
kenju said…
Utenzi, it quieted down over here about 9:30pm. In your area too? Noah would recognize the rain? That's funny and mr. kenju said something similar tonight. Luckily, it didn't last as long as the rain from Alberto.
Tracie said…
We got our first rain in a long time here today-complete with hail...and all the humidity possible.

You have reminded me that I really need to do some laundry and vacuming myself....but I think I will take the lime coke and book choice instead! :)
Carmi said…
There never seems to be enough time to do the mundane things that we all need to do. The situation gets worse when we realize that life is short, and we need to set aside some time to enjoy it all before it ends.

I wish I had the answer. I really do. Life would be so much easier.

Speaking of lawns...
panthergirl said…
I swear, I think it poured EVERYWHERE yesterday. I was pouring here, and I called my sister in Atlanta where I could hear the thunder in the background.

Hey...I'm going to be posting a new storyling in Cyberia about you and Belinda Poodles (your "daughter") later today.

Here via michele!

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