I live near Raleigh NC so I was obviously going to root for the Hurricanes in the recent Stanley Cup playoffs.

Last night's game was quite amazing, especially when contrasted to Game 6, played in Edmundton Saturday night. Game 7 was dominated by the Hurricanes from the first goal, 90 seconds into the game. Game 6, on the other hand, was dominated by the Oilers to the same degree. It's weird to see such disparate play from the two teams in subsequent games.

In any case, Game 6 was the perfect game to watch if you were an Oiler fan, and likewise Game 7 was the perfect game for the Hurricane fans. It was lucky for North Carolina that we ended up with a 4-3 advantage at the end because the Oilers really played better. And this is the first and only national championship that has ever been won by a NC team. The Panthers, based in Charlotte, almost took the championship last year but second place just doesn't count.

North Carolina Hurricanes in 2006. Gotta love it.


Tracie said…
Hey Utenzi-I am here from Michele this time because you are site of the day!

Gotta love hockey!
barbie2be said…
go canes! i was so happy to see ray whitney raise the cup i cried.

congrats on SOD.

michele sent me.

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