hot, hot, hot

I desperately need air conditioning! The A/C here at work hasn't worked well this year and right now they're tearing it apart so it hasn't been on for the past week.

It's over 90f outside here and around 88 in here in the lab. I'm dying! My work requires RNA free conditions which means gloves at all times and often a mask as well. It's amazing how much warmer you get when you put latex gloves on. *whew*

When I get home I'm just going to lay down under a ceiling fan with the A/C on high! *sigh* At least until I have to go outside and mow the lawn...


JenLo said…
I don't envy your stifling conditions, although in upstate NY, hardly anything but stores and workplaces are airconditioned it seems. Our poor kids go the last month to school in steamy conditions, most houses have no a/c--except mine--and even church on Sunday morning requires sleevless shirts. We've had our share of 90+ weather already, although today it is in the high 70s. Thanks for checking out my blog.
Crazy MomCat said…
Living near Houston, TX, I feel your pain...and your humidity! Our heat was quelled by a big dousing of rain, but that won't hold us for long.

I have been here before awhile back, but didn't realize you were from NC. I was born there and have always wanted to go back as I moved when I was very young.

Congrats on being Michelle's Site of the day! (Michele sent me.)
kenju said…
You poor thing!! Those conditions require combat pay, don't they?? I don't know how you can do any research in that heat - it is awful here this week!

Michele sent me to say I'm back from my trip and ready to read!
Tracie said…
I am a believer in airconditioners.
I hope that they get yours fixed....If you haven't already mowed do yourself a favor and skip it--it can wait until next week!
used*to*be*me* said…
Oh 90. Bah. It was 100+ here today. Feels like 100+ too! Just snooping around today to make a proper intro for my blog. Have a good one, Keb
Mamacita said…
Ours is turned off because my husband is a cheapskate. He's fine so we all should be, too. Sigh.

Actually, this little fan feels pretty good.

I'm here from Michele's this time. Hi.
Dara said…
One year in Connecticut I lived in a 3rd floor walk up with no air conditioning. I decided to "work with my hands" for the summer and was landscaping - ack! That was hot and humid! I would come home and shower then lay down on the bed without even toweling off, letting the fan air dry me and lower my body temp. I do sympathize. Michele says hi.
Here from Michele tonight and Congrstulations on being the site of the day!
I feel for you with that lack of Air Conditioning...I don't know how you do it, Dave...Does that kind of heat effect the things you are working on? I hopoe not.
Catherine said…
I don't do too well with that level of heat. It seems hard to imagine right now though. It's about 2 degrees here (around 35 Fahrenheit), raining hard and there is possible snow forecast.
Michele sent me
Anonymous said…
here by way of michele.

it is no fun being hot.
Star said…
Why do they wait til it's ungodly hot to overhaul the AC? I'm suffering the heat with you here in Philly. Congratulatins on being Michele's site of the day.
Janet said…
oooh ack! No AC in NC? And you work in a lab? Wowsa...that's cruel and unusual punishment, man!

Hi, Michele sent me :-)
hello from michele's this time.

I sympathize with you. My car has no a/c.
Lynda said…
Oh, I would have to go home. I just can't tolerate when it gets too hot.

I ventured over from Keb's blog.
rocks said…
Oh, I feel for you. We only had a couple of 85 -90 degree days thus far, but they were tough.

This would be the time to hire some HS kid during the summer to mow your lawn. Put out a $20 bill, a couple bottles of water, and watch the kid sweat from the window of your AC'd living room...:)
Angela said…
Oh how HORRIBLE!! Gosh, I can't imagine going for a week in the south with no a/c during the summer. Those are truly Prisoner of War conditions... hope you're feeling much cooler today!!

Here via Michele's just as I have been a number of times--but congratulations on being SOTD this time!!
Indigo said…
No A/C? I've been there my friend, it's tough.

Michele sent me today! Congrats on being the site of the day!
I love the photo at the top of your blog.

Think about snow. That'll help cool you off...maybe?

Here from Michele's this time.

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