Happy Birthday!

The wonderful Naomi of the Hollywood Hills is having her birthday today. It's her 75th, which is quite the milestone.

Happy Birthday, Naomi!

Her blog is quite amazing and should be required reading! Naomi's been involved in the theatre since before I was born and has been creative in many other ways as well. Acting on stage and screen, singing, painting, writing... she's done it all. And done it with aplumb, I might add.

Please do stop by and wish her a happy birthday. She's quite the gracious hostess and will be glad to see you.


kenju said…
Did that at midnight! Posted my own tribute to her. Come and read.
Michael Manning said…
Thanks for the heads-up, Utenzi!!!
Carmi said…
The word "wonderful" is an apt description of Naomi. A more gracious being in the blogosphere I have not had the occasion to yet meet - with the exception of you, of course :)

I dropped in from Michele's this afternoon, Utenzi, but I'd be here on my own anyway. Either way, I win by being able to read your stuff.

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