I'm at my girlfriend's house but neither she nor her son are awake yet so I get to pick breakfast solely on the merits of what I want to eat.

Oddly enough, this is what won over my stomach. 3 slices of buttered bread with some Sweet Vidalia salad dressing to spread on top. Yum! Of course there's a little onion breath afterwards, but it's actually not that strong. And since my girlfriend had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, I have a feeling it'll be hours before I see anyone else awake!

The task for me this morning is to fix that code I mentioned yesterday. Since it works in the preview feature of Blogger, I'm just going to compare the two versions. Preview and what's actually published. That should do it.

Later today, when the light is better in here, I'll be rehanging 2 ceiling fans and making the electrical connections. Apparently they'd gotten a little off balance. Maybe some hiking in the late afternoon but this part of NC really got flooded last week and the trails we normally do might not be passable yet. Damn! Of course there's probably some excellent pictures waiting in those well soaked trails...


David said…
my beakfast will be more like eggs ans sausage
margalit said…
My breakfast consisted of a large pot of french press Kona coffee. No food... food is for wimps! No really, I never eat breakfast. I usually don't eat food at all, ever, until dinner. I'm so not a morning eater. I don't even get remotely hungry until at least 5 pm. I wish I could eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day, but I'm too nauseated by the smell of food that early. I've always been this way, too.

Here via Michele
Where do you get the Sweet Vedalia Dressing..That bottle doesn't look familiar to me...but that dressing sure sounds good! YUM!
Michelle said…
Ewwww, you eat that for breakfast? I'm a pancake/muffin and coffee gal myself :o)
Malinda777 said…
My, I haven't been to "your house" in a while. I like the new look.

I'm a southern girl too, Vidalia onions rock, not sure for breakfast, but hey... I like some strange things too, so I will never judge another's eating habits :)
Melanie said…
Interesting choice for breakfast. As long as your girlfriend was able to sleep in a bit I would imagine the onion breath was given time to subside! :)

Hi, Michele sent me!
Mike said…
Personally I am not a big onion fan. But as my grandpa would have said "what ever floats your boat".

Michele sent me
Love me some vidalia onions but not for breakfast! hahah
Here from michele!
Go get your mud shoes on and hike those trails.
Carmi said…
I'm going to talk to you the next time I 'm having trouble deciding what to have for breakfast. Your taste is delightfully unique.
Pearl said…
Sounds like the sort of breakfast I would have.

Troubleshooting is fun (honestly for some, sarcastically for others).

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