Bees go Bzzzzz Bzzzzz Bzzzzz

I've been taking a lot of pictures of bees these past 4 days but most of them have been out of focus. It's not my camera, it's those damn bees. They don't stop for more than a second or two on each flower due to lack of nectar.
The damn bees don't seem to be able to unnderstand that with so many bees around, they've totally depleted the stock of nectar in the flowers around my house.
Silly bees. (that go Buzzzz Buzzzzz, Buzzzzz)

By the way, I read 4 books this past week or so. I'll probably write somethng up about them in the next few days. They're:

Dead Watch: John Sandford
In the Shadow of the Law: Kermit Roosevelt
Heartstone: Phillip Margolin
& Misquoting Jesus: Bart Ehrman


Teresa said…
Those bees are creepy, Dave! {shudder}

I'll look forward to the book reviews. I've been trying to read Craig Ferguson's book the past two weeks. Aye-aye-aye... I doubt I'll finish it before I have to return it to the library. LOL
Oreo said…
Momma just finished the new Dean Koontz book. She said it was furry good! I figured out how to get you to come to mine party Dave, there will be a new pictor of mine Momma up!! :)
Tracy said…
Stupid Hurricanes! :)
Stoopidgirl said…
Good luck with the battle! I've been losing all day...eek.

I like your bees too! good stuff
the only bees that don't scare me are like these:

Good shots, tho!

Hi, Michele sent me :-)
utenzi said…
Anyone curious about the address above can go look if they want to see a series of pictures of dead bees. Apparently Janet really doesn't like bees. LOL

She's got a picture up on her site that is wildly askew and she blamed that on a bee. Bad ole bees!
kenju said…
I don't mind them unless they come at me. I'm glad I am not allergic to them. Michele sent me tonight.
Peri said…
bzzzzz great photos!
Here from Michele's tonight Utenzi..And I LOVE LOVE LOVE those Bee pictres! Fabulous, my dear!
pasion said…
what fabulous shots! been meaning to write something about honey. do you have any honey shots? ;)

glad you're my tenant! hope that i can get more people to look at your wonderful photographt. i also saw you had recipes in your topics, but havent yet gone thru your archives.
Ivy said…
We have a lot of bees around my house yet no flowers!

Michele sent me tonight..
Have a good weekend!
jac said…
hey! LTNS! the bees gimme the creeps. no offense. it's not you. it's the bees. *grin*
here from michele's tonight
srp said…
Here from Michele.
Bees are great. Hard to photograph, like those little tiny green grasshoppers that just won't ever be in focus even when still, or butterflies that won't sit for two seconds.

Now snakes. That is another matter. I will not photograph snakes, unless they are on the other side of a very thick glass.
srp said…
Back again from Michele.
Forgot to say that I do like this header a lot. It has a real "Southern" feel.

Yes, it is a shame that magnolia blossoms don't last long. In the fall the seed pods break open and reveal these shiny red seeds, the strangest I've ever seen. Look like big red teeth all in a row. Why do I not remember seeing them all those years in Mississippi? Not looking I guess.
Jason said…
I love your pictures. I'm always amazed at anyone who can take pictures of such fast-moving things like bees :)
Andrea said…
Yay, new wallpaper image !
Michelle said…
Great photos :o)
shpprgrl said…
I actually visited last night. Blogger was having issues and my comment went *poof*. So I'm back.

I like the new look. I liked the other, but this is my favorite. Your home is beautiful by the way!

Unexpectedly seeing a photo of an x is never fun. Never! Maybe this truly will be the last!
bobealia said…
I like bees. My father used to be a beekeeper. You probably know this, but try to get your camera (if you have any manual controls) to take the pic at the highest possible shutter speed (like 1200 or something) because it doesn't matter if your fstop is like 2.8, it just means that all you will have in focus is the bee - assuming he doesn't fly out of your range before you snap him... Either way it's a challenge I guess. Say hi to the bees for me!
ribbiticus said…
i say those are pretty good pictures already! you won't get me anywhere as near - they are straight out of a nightmare! i also tried to comment last night but blogger was being uncooperative as usual...;)
KaraMia said…
ugh...could never get this close for a
Here via michele today
Diane Mandy said…
Here we go with that whole bee thing again. :-(
Howdi neighbor! I do believe you have changed your blog look? I like it!
I think you are one of the bloggers next on my list of Bloggers to watch for my questions!
Great bee and Deana of Friday Night Fish Fry are crazy brave souls taking pics of bees! LOL
Here from Michele's!
yellojkt said…
Those are amazing pictures. I can't even get my dog to sit still long enough. And you get awfully close.
Lazy Daisy said…
Hi Michele sent me....great shots of bees and the flowers. Maybe you should think of raising bees? (just a thought!)
kristal said…
I tried photographing bees once. They moved TOO MUCH! Of course, I was using my manual focus camera and I'm very slow. Great pictures. :-)
Carl V. said…
Kudos to you for knocking out 4 books in a little over a week. That's great!

Those bees look like the swarm that was buzzing around one of our trees a few weeks ago and dive-bombed us every time we would come out the front door. Glad they have thinned out!

Here from Michele. Have a great weekend.
Amazing pictures ! And oh ! a new header... nice !

Michele sent me. Have a great weekend !
Shane said…
bad bees go the way of Beealzebub.

I haven't tried a macro shot of a bee yet. I'd probably get stung and that wouldn't be too fun.
Tracie said…
We have been overwhelmed by bees on our porch swing recently, so I am accually at war with them right now.....but your pictures are great! That first one looks like he is just sitting there waiting for you to start a conversation.

Here from Michele!
Ciera said…
Yo Utenzi! I liked the pics...even though they're of bees! Ever try to photograph a hummingbird?
Lisa said…
Incredible pictures! Even if bees scare the bejebees out of me!
Sandy said…
Try as I might, I've yet to get a single non-blurry bee photo. You've inspiried me to try, try again.

Michele sent me over. Glad she did.
Carmi said…
You inspire me, Utenzi, for even trying to capture pictures like this. I think they're amazing...they take us into a micro-world that's otherwise off limits to us.

Some older Nikon cameras have a feature known as trap focus. It would only work if you shelled out for a data back and some other expensive doo-dads. needless to say, I didn't shell out - I'm a purist, after all, and a cheap one at that!

So I would simply shoot and shoot until something came out. Your shots here show me how to do it right. Well done, once again!

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