This was a damn hot weekend. I got back to my house at a bit after 1am (Wednesday) after a 4 hour drive and I figured I'd give a quick update before getting to bed. I have to go to work later this morning and some sleep would be nice.

Every day I was at my parent's house it was over 90f. I got cooked! I didn't do as much kayaking as I was hoping due to a mixture of it being so hot, my poison ivy rash on the lower back interfering a little, and my parents having lots of projects for me to do.

The projects were interesting to a degree. My Dad wasn't sure how to get the irrigation system to work so I troubleshot it and helped him get everything working. Normally my brother does this since his line of work uses irrigation but he's been too busy this Spring to get there. In addition there were lots of little techy type things that they wanted me to do including programming the numbers and names into a new cell phone. Scary, huh? I also programmed a new time thingy for the irrigation system. My parents had a direct strike on their house during the winter and lots of electrical equipment got fried which is why I ended up doing all the trouble shooting on the irrigation system.

One interesting little task that popped up was going into the main circuit panel and doing a little work on a fuse. The garbage disposal apparently trips a fuse every so often and this time the fuse wouldn't reset so I needed to go in and replace it. My parents weren't comfortable digging in behind the matal case for some reason. LOL I don't mind electical work so it was fine with me.

There was another serious task they had me do but it's escaping me at the moment. Sleep deprivation, you know? LOL Plus the little stuff like mowing the lawn and hunting down nasty bugs. I did get out kayaking 3 times and we went out on the lake in a motor boat twice so there was some bonding time with the water--despite the heat.

I did get pictures of a number of nasty insects, a lizard or two, the lake and some flowers. I'll probably post a few of them this week.


Michelle said…
Welcome home, you were missed!
used*to*be*me* said…
Welcome back. It is supposed to hit 104 today. I'm going to find a hole to crawl into until the summer passes.
No_Newz said…
Whew is right! And I thought I was busy. You make me look like I'm standing still. I hope that poison ivy rash clears up soon.
Lois Lane
Are you interested in coming to Los Angeles and helping an OldOld Lady--me--with some techy and electrical things? (lol)
You are a good son to help your folks that way...and it sounds like you had a good time out on that lake, despite the heat! But you must be exhausted! I look forward to seeing all the pictures that you post...I LOVE Lizards...!

Thanks for the visit Utenzi...Your idea is a good one except I would need help setting up the Mirror...! Oh well...another time perhaps.
Carmi said…
Naomi's so right - as always: you are indeed a good son. There's something so cool about kids being there for their parents.

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