sinister scratching

This is the header I mentioned that I'd work on yesterday. It's a little dark for me so I doubt I'll ever use it but it was kinda fun to work with the image of the grackle and put it into a color scheme that would reflect the color of the feathers.

I've been catching up on the TV show ER this weekend. I'd not watched the last 5 shows of the season so I was pretty out of date. Now I've only got the season finale to go. I must say that while bringing more attention to Darfur is good they certainly did a pretty silly job of it. With 10s of thousands of refugees in the camp, these 4 doctors were always haring about and leaving the camp. It's hard to believe that would be real-life behaviour but I guess there's not much reality back in Chicago at County General either.

I heard a few days ago that Invasion, a first year show on ABC, won't be renewed. It was one of my favorite shows of the new ones. (I felt it was similar in writing quality and drama to Lost last year--this year I think Lost has lost its way. I preferred the supernatural focus of the first season to the more pragmatic approach this season.)

Speaking of new shows, My Name is Earl (NBC) was quite good this season and pretty consistant in quality. I hope they can keep that going through next season. On the other hand, I've given up on The Unit (NBC) and also on CSI: Miami (CBS). They've gotten just too annoying. The action sequences in The Unit are usually pretty good but everything that goes on back at the base is soooo annoying. It's like a bad soap opera!

UPDATE: I replaced my "Pansy" header to the former "Spring" header. If you want to see what the other design looked like, follow the links:




i tried to get into invasion but just could not. i do like my name is earl, but i don't watch it on a regular basis. i stopped watching er a LONG time ago.

as for lost, i didn't like the new gang of people they brought in but the last couple of episodes have been quite good i think. edge of your seat kind of thing

i'm still in mourning homicide, life on the street is gone
kenju said…
I still like Lost, but due to AI, I have missed 30 minutes of it every week. I guess I need to rent the season when it comes out.
David said…
hello from michele
srp said…
Here from Michele.
"Lost" lost me pretty quickly. Kind of like "Twin Peaks" lost me a few years ago.
Grackles. A dark bird indeed. A few years back something started killing them off. During migration that spring I found six dead birds in our yard in three weeks. As suddenly as it started it stopped and they have seemed fine since.
Of course the yard was in Mississippi. Here in VA they seem fine. Stupid but fine
David said…
i like it dark - but needs more contrast

but then WTF do i know
Jessica said…
I quit watching ER shortly after Carter left. I didn't quit because he left, I just lost interest. I watched a few episodes with John Liguizamo (sp) and I tried to watch the finale this week, but it just didn't do it for me.

I have however, discovered Grey's Anatomy. I like it way better than I ever liked ER. I only watched ER cause Chicago Hope went off the air.

I don't like CSI Miami either. I'm a big fan of the original. I'm never off work when it's on though. I have to settle for the reruns on Spike.

Whew... turned out to be a long comment....

Anyway... Here via Michele, and me! Thanks for stopping by!
Dak-Ind said…
greetings from michele.

i LOVE the new header. i just am not talented enough to do something so pretty and fancy without pating womeone else. with everyone getting cool pretties, i just might!
kenju said…
I've come back via Michele, Dave. Get off the computer, go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather!!
Courtney said…
I hope My Name is Earl can keep up the momentum as well; that and The Office made my Thursday nights.
Here via Michele today.
Shane said…
CSI has gotten awfully boring for sure. "My name is Earl" was funny for a few episodes, but those kinds of comedies for me are shortlived. "Going Tribal" on cable t.v. - now that's my kinda show.
srp said…
Here from Michele again.
The header changed. I like this one the best. It is colorful and the cat is too cute. But I love cats.
The grackles are just a bit scary. I still see them falling out of the sky and landing in my garbage can and under the pine trees and just a mess.
Michelle said…
I agree, LOST has lost the plot.
I like that grackle header but feel it needs something extra :o)
kenju said…
Third visit is the charm, I guess. Michele sent me back to check on you!
Lisa said…
I never could get interested in Invasion, although I did try. I'm still a die hard Lost fan, though! Michele sent me today
Oreo said…
I will EAT that ugly birdie!!!!
Robin said…
The grackles ARE a little dark for your blog, but it is still a very attractive header!
V.G. said…
About Invasion.... I don't know if you already know about it or not, but a bunch of the fans have started a letter writing campaign to try to get Invasion back on the air. We are specifically targeting The Sci-Fi Channel, in hopes that they might pick up Invasion for another season. If you want to help, just go to

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