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This week when I put my blog up for rent on Blog Explosion I waited 12 hours before selecting one but I liked the other 5 blogs so much I'm running reviews of them all as well.

Tomorrow I'll post a review of my tenant Noi who lives in Singapore. She's got a great blog and she just recently moved it to Blogger--which, believe it or not, was a move up for her blog. Her prior host required registration and all sorts of annoying forms to be filled out. Now she's in the mainstream of blogging--and she too can experience the aggravation that is Blogger!

Yoga Coffee Outlook : Kelly runs this one and I like the look of the blog and she's not bad either. Kelly's got a very attractive picture of herself leaning against a fence on the upper right of her blog. Unfortunately she's also got a little advertising on the upper left side of the blog but I guess commercials are everywhere these days.

Kelly's blog has a lot of personality to it with an occasional meme. A blog that doesn't contain much in the way of personal experience from the blog author soon becomes boring.

That's a problem I have with my blog--but Kelly weaves in aspects of her life and personality quite well. I wish I did half as well with mine. And how many people can pull off a look like Kelly demonstrates over there on the left? Adorable!

The Ethel Experience: Amy (Ethel is her blog name) lives in Chicago which is too far from her boyfriend in Georgia who must be a great guy 'cause he hates the Duke Blue Devils. Was that a run-on sentence?

Amy's got a simple design that I like but she wants to change it. According to her, the next version will be coming about in June. I'm looking forward to seeing it. In addition to the nice design, Amy blogs a lot about her life, occasionally teases about sex toys (and I was taken in by the joke) *pout* and she's got a very interesting photo contest that she runs every week. Go check it out!

Long, Slow Beautiful Dance: Laci runs this blog and she lives in Kentucky. I really like the way her blog looks but she doesn't have enough personal stuff in her blog. I realize that since I do poorly in this as well, I shouldn't point fingers. However since Laci has only had this blog for two months I suspect that her blog will rapidly develop more personality. Right now Beautiful Dance looks great and has a lot of memes on it but I have high expectations for Laci's future with her blog.

Va Va Voom: Va Va Voom doesn't reveal her name on her blog--probably to discourage stalkers. She's beautiful! Wow. VVV lives in Brisbane Australia and she's a single mother with an 8 year old son who is getting quite independent lately. She works as an artist and web designer and it shows.

VVV's blog is an attractive and simple design. A one-table page with an original header over a two column body. That's pretty much what I do here on my blog. Her content is personal and entertaining. She exhibits some of her artwork and talks about her life and interests. She's got a cute post here relating to boobs, Mona Lisa, and maybe Janet Jackson.

Texas RV Travel: This is CyberCelt's blog. She's based in Texas and on this site she posts about places to go in recreational vehicles and reviews them. Most of her posts are about Texas so it's a great resource if you're traveling in Texas. You might not want to do that if you just watched 10.5 Apocalypse. LOL


Ethel said…
Thanks for the write up!! Very kind of you. And I'm honored to have been in the bidding presence of some pretty buttkickingly good blogs!
Robin said…
I'm going to check them out now. Yay! you have the kitty back in the header! Hello from Michele!
Prego said…
there's some really good material here. thanks for the heads up.

here via michele today

ps i love the picture of the girl with the fake glasses. it could be because i have a weakness for claivicles. growl...
Laci said…
Thanks for the write up.

I know I'm lacking in the personal stuff, but I'm getting there! :)
Grins said…
I've heard of the Ethel blog before, off to check it out.
Amanda said…
would you recommend the Blog Explosion thing? I saw it on your blog and Noi's and it got me thinking. think I'll check some more of your choices now...

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