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I've been reading Noi's blog for several months now. I've only visited occasionally because until recently she was on Xanga, a blog system that requires registration and has lots of pop-up ads, and it was very annoying. Fortunately Noi is now on Blogger, she moved her blog over on May 14, and it's easy to go see her so I'll be visiting a lot more often. Promise!

Noi is a very positive upbeat woman. She takes her profession and religion seriously and tries to do her very best at both. She teaches children in Singapore though she's soon to be changing jobs. While in some ways she seems normal: she hates her boss, worries about weight and money; in other ways Noi seems quite special. For example, she prays 5 times every day, worries about money because she wants to be able to help her parents stop working, bathes twice a day, and even kisses her students when they're bad to gently admonish them to be good. I'm thinking Noi is just too good to be true!

By the way, those are her feet. LOL Noi doesn't include many pictures so I had a choice between her feet and her right hand (she was showing a purse she wore to a wedding). I think she has cute toes so I went with the feet. ;-)

Noi is 25. She turned 25 on February 21 and declared: "from now on my age will remain at 25. Even if its 10 years down the road". Personally I think women just hit their stride at 35 and 25 is a bit young, but Noi apparently thinks 25 is where aging should stop! LOL Of course the image of Noi in her tudung is very appealing...

My favorite post from Noi is one in which she laid out a guideline for what she wants in a life partner. She posted this in late March and while it broke my heart to learn that I was far, far too old for her (max age of 35, no old guys like me wanted) it was very interesting to learn what she valued in a husband. Much of the reason for her post was that her family thinks that she's getting past a good age to be married and she's getting a lot of pressure. More, it seems, from the Malay side of the family.

Reading this over it's obvious that I've not done an adequate job here. I really find Noi's continual positive focus and attempts to find the positive in herself, others, and the world in general to be laudatory. This is what I should be like. Noi embodies many wonderful qualities and I find her dedication very appealing. I just haven't been able to put it into words very well.


srp said…
Here from Michele.
Be right back, yelping dog, must be sirens.
OK, he's done. Rescue dog, goes into a frenzy when he sees any truck that looks like a dog catcher and howls and yelps when sirens start up.
Going to go check out some of these sites you listed in this post and the previous.
BTW, this is my favorite header.
jennypenny said…
I will have to go take a visit over to noi. She sounds alot like me in the same age group so i am sure i will enjoy.

Here from Michele's to meet and greet.
archshrk said…
Hello, Michele sent me.

It's always good to hear when someone leaves myspace or xanga or the like. Free blogging is always best (except for spam comments)
Finn said…
I read that post from Noi. I found it very interesting. I wonder how much it will change when she's 35. Assuming she ever gets there. ;)

Hi - I'm here from Michele's today.
Grins said…
She sounds delightful. After living in an asian country for a bit I'm not surprised they are pushing her to marry at the mere age of 25. Hopefully they aren't stressing her to much.

Here via Michele this time.
Chas Ravndal said…
Checked her blog and it's quite nice. I love the design. Btw, here from Michele!
Noi Rocker said…
Hi Utenzi,
Why would you ever think that this introduction is inadequate? Its the most fanstastic write up any landlord has ever done for me! I am amazed that you notice all the little things about me. It goes to proves just what a wonderful person you are. Thank you.

I am also suprised that you realised that I wear the tudung. I didnt think anyone knows! Haha. It is part of who I am and I am more than happy that you are such an open minded person to be ok with it.

I have no probs displaying my pic but i thought just snippets of me here and there will be more mysterious..hehe.

Thank you once are special in your own way.
Juggling Mother said…
Nice review. I'll pop over there as soon as I've caught up on reading the backlog since I was here last *sigh*

Here from micheles today.
Nice toes, I think I'll go check out her blog.

Here via Michele.
Here from Michele today, Utenzi...

I'll have to check out Noi, and I'll do that right now!
Leigh said…
Hello! I'm here (you guessed it...) via Michele!

Thank you so much for leaving a comment and your nice words!! It is appreciated more than you know... :) take care
KaraMia said…
Sounds like a interesting read.

Here via michele today
Chrissie said…
Hi Utenzi,
Nope - you didn't stress me out - just having a hard time over at Michele's today, for some reason - LOL. Just very busy I guess.
Wordnerd said…
I'll go visit Noi...and I'm visiting you from Michele today.

Love the header...AND footer!
colleen said…
That was a very engaging intro...I'll check her out. I came from michele our Canadian bell.
shpprgrl said… you'll have a great time. I like the colors of your template too. I'm off to visit your friend Noi! Enjoy your weekend! cya!
rashbre said…
I shall take a visit across to Noi after this. And here today via Michele's.

Melzie said…
Just stopping I like what you've done with this place :D good to "see" you again. xoxo melzie
Va Va Voom said…
Hey, thanks for the mention, Utenzi. Good choice with Noi, though! Your review of my blog is great! Much more than some of the actual landlords I've had. :D
Paige said…
Nice site, thanks for the renter info. & thanks for commenting at my place. have a great weekend.
Paige said…
thanks for coming by my place. happy weekend

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