For those of you not from the South, this might not look familiar. It's a bloom from the Magnolia tree in my side yard.

It's a small tree, maybe 11 or 12 feet high, and it's only been developing a lot of blooms the past few years. The blooms only last a few days but they're very pretty while they last and the scent is wonderful. It looks like there'll be over a hundred blooms this year so I hope to be able to get a picture with dozens of blooms at once in the next few weeks.


kenju said…
They are gorgeous trees, but wait until the seed pods begin to fall...LOL
No_Newz said…
One of my favorites! Great photo. I'm looking forward to more.
Happy Memorial day!
Lois Lane
Beautiful Beaytiful Utenzi...I love Magnolias and the blossums are so incredibly fragrant...I can't wait to see ALL the blossums blooming at one time...Gorgeous, I'm sure!
Oreo said…
MMMMM looks tasty! Stop by mine bloogie when you get a chance AM one of the"select Humans"!!
Seraphim said…
THIS is exactly why I always smile when your blog shows as Updated on my blogroll list, Utenzi. That is just gorgeous. Where else would I see photos like that?
Tracie said…
This is a beautiful picture! It makes me want to go visit a garden and just wander for hours.

Here via Michele (and I saw that you came by my blog-I am going to try to figure out how to make my font bigger-I had never noticed that it was that small before, but it kind of is!)
Carmi said…
You always manage to capture the loveliest pictures. Then you wrap word-images around them. Such a comforting read...I almost feel as if I'm there.

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