I itch all over!

Holy Moly, I itch all over. That damn poison ivy, which I thought was on the way out, has spread a lot more in the past 24 hours. Just in time for the weekend!

Doesn't this guy look sinister? I caught the Grackle just as it was landing on the birdhouse off of my back deck.

Click it to see the big version to get the full effect of that chilling gaze and the odd effect of the wings movement as caught by the camera.

I really like the way that light reflects off of the Grackles but I have few pictures with them because they're so "nervous". They're a big bird, nearly the size of a crow, but they fly off at the slightest hint of movement so I can't get a decent shot even with my zoom all the way out. Shame.

I'll try to get a few more pictures of them this weekend since I doubt I'll be going out much.

Here's why I'll be staying close to home.

This is what my elbow looked like this morning when I was getting ready to go to work.

And the handful of spots on my chest have spread somewhat in the past day while the spots on my back have really been aggressive. Now a good portion of my back has itchy stuff parked there.

It's weird. The progress was stopped for nearly a week and then in the past 36 hours there's been a huge resurgence. Weird. The elbow, as the initial point of contact, is by far the worst looking. All the others combined, while taking up a lot more territory, still don't hold a candle to the nasty look on my elbow. Enjoy! Feel free to click to see it bigger. LOL

The new skin that's emerging as the dead skin sloughs off is going to be very tender so I'll have to wear a bandage when I'm out mowing the yard otherwise I'd be sure to get sunburn to add to the discomfort of the poison ivy. *sigh*


David said…
your arm looks bad, please don't let it spread to your rear.

michele made me say that
Robin said…
Yeah...what David said...and watch out what you scratch first thing in the morning! That looks really, really awful...it's the sort of thing that can make you ill, so make sure you keep an eye on your temperature. Hope it heals up quick!
Kismet said…
Hi, here via Michele....again :)

That are looks NASTY! Calamine lotion?

have a quiet weekend.

netchick said…

Michele actually sent me today! Happy Friday, Dave!
Teresa said…
Birds are evil!

I hope you can get that itchy stuff under control, Dave. I don't envy you at this moment!
Crayonsetc said…
Owwww!!! I got Poison sumack when I was PG with the dd... and that was only 5 spots on my back, I can't imagine. Oh, are they giving you anything? Benedryl??

Stopping by via Michele this evening to say Hello!!
kristal said…
Yikes! I've never had poison ivy and now that I've seen that picture I am sooooo happy. I hope it heals quickly and you manage to have a little fun this weekend.
Ay ay ay. I feel for you. I do have a tip though. Use extremely hot water on the itchy spots. It causes all of the hystamine (which causes the itching) to release at once. It is very intense and almost pleasurable. After the release of the hystamine the itching stops for several hours. Try it. The water needs to be very hot, as hot as you can bear, but you will be able to feel the effect. Michele sent me.
margalit said…
Oh man, you poor poor thing. I have had bad poison ivy once, and it just about killed me. I'm such a wimp over itching anyhow. Did you get medication from the doctor for that. Your inner elbow looks horrible. I SOOOO feel for you. I'm sending big virtual hugs, but I'm not touching you. No offense or anything. :-)

Here vian Michele
Michelle said…
We don't have poison ivy down under. Ewwwwwww, it looks like it hurts like hell! Take care of yourself :o)
Andrea said…
Maybe, just maybe, it's time to visit the allergologist for a better antihistaminic. Whatever you're taking now seems to be ineffective. The husband's leg looks a lot like your elbow when he gets bitten by fleas - he says he painfully empathises with you just by looking at that pic :)
Pearl said…
Eeeks, spreading. Calamine helps a little? Anti-histimine seemed to help me. It's only by prescription down there, right?

You're coming up in pansies. That's cheery.
Chatty said…
Oh yuck! One of my students had it that bad and came to school this week. So yucky.

Michele sent me!
Mike said…
Your arm looks pretty bad. Keep it covered in Calamine lotion unless your doctor can get you something stronger.

Hope you get better soon.

Here from Michele
Claude said…
Your local pharmacy should have stuff that goes specifically to poison ivy/oak/sumac. It's a thin, clear gel whose name momentarily escapes me, but it worked really well for me about three years ago when I got my first case of poison ivy, which was all over both of my forearms.

Good luck. Here from Michele's.
Theo said…

nice to meet you.

thanks for dropping by my blog.
Lora said…

hope it starts to heal up soon

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