hot, hot, hot

I hate it cold and like it hot as long as I'm just sitting on my deck reading a book. However when I'm paddling, temperature doesn't really bother me much. I kayak in the winter in below freezing temps for hours and in summer 90+ is fine also. Except--I really don't like high humidity. Since I wear glasses, having a lot of sweat on my face is really a bother while kayaking. Since you can go over fairly easily when you push things a bit, you have to wear a strap on your glasses and that means you can't wipe the sweat off easily.

Which brings us to this weather chart. I'm going to my parent's house for Memorial Day weekend and it's going to be the first hot weather I've paddled in this year. I'm just going to melt!

Fortunately I tend to do my hard paddle from around 6am to 9 or 10am and after that I'll just lounge about. My parents only have dial-up so pictures will probably be in short supply until I get back home on Tuesday.

Here's one from last year...


Lora said…
Have a great time!
Michelle said…
Have a super "long one" Dave!
I'm envious, i'd love to be out there kayaking, even white water rafting would do it for me :o)

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