a few changes

My arm looks even nastier tonight than it did this morning. I have entered the seeping stage with my elbow area--which was the first part to break out--so the spots on my chest and back will probably start seeping on Wednesday. Oh, joy.

I've got a gauze dressing on the arm with an ace bandage to hold it in place for overnight so I won't ruin my sheets. Tomorrow it's off to work, which I had skipped today, and hopefully the itching won't drive me insane.

That's the medical side of my changes, the blog side involved some format changes that I implemented today, and some I'll need to do soon.

I changed my template to a 3 column design though the third is purely ornamental. It's the blue stripe at the right side. The color is the same as the text and I think I like having it over there. I also killed the box around the blog content and also made the content the same width as my header. Before I had the content size vary with the size of the browser window it was opened in.

Next up I have to make some changes to increase browser compliance. I tested the new design across a few browsers and while it worked fine in Firefox and IE, it failed miserably in Opera. I suspect it has to do with my defined classes in my CSS. I'll have to play with it and see if I can get it all to work--but if I can't, Opera is the best one to fail in since it's got the smallest market penetration.


Diane Mandy said…
Poison ivy is the worst! I'm feeling your pain. Hope you're on the mend soon, but milk this for all its worth and take another day off! Tuesdays can be so overrated...
Good Lord, this is horrendous!!!
I'm soooo sorry you are going through this torture!!!

But I see there is a cat in the Header so though you say you hate cats...Hmmmmmm. There is a darling sweet kitty.

Gee, i hope this Poison Ivy goes away very very soon..it is truly horrible, beyond words, dear Dave.
Andrea said…
Yup, it looks just fine in FF. Unlike your elbow.
Michael Manning said…
Utenzi: My Mother is so allergic to this she has to go to the ER when she get's it. Your site looks very cool BTW. Great changes. I am having issues with Windows and Activex.
Pearl said…
Layout looks good from Safari.

Be sure to sterilize with soap and alcohol anything that may have touched. The oil can stay dormant for years. My hub's old hiking boots seem to have re-infected him after a couple years in storage.
Here from Michele's this morning, my dear Utenzi...I wish I knew what you were talking about in terms of your Header and like that. I see that top is different again since I was here....You are a busy little bee my dear...Oh I hope that PI Goes Bye Bye, and soon! That is mean looking and must be very painful, too.

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