I've got a small section of my yard near my storage shed that I let the grass grow out so it's more meadow like. This picture of a few daisies is taken in that area with my well seen to the side. I dialed the f-stop way down so that only the one daisy would be in focus.

Work-wise things were pretty quiet today. My itching was so bad I told the guy I work with that I was taking off early so I just stained a bunch of slides for a LCM (laser capture microdissection) he was doing and took off before 1pm. Tuesday I'll be staining a new breast sample --not a tumor this time-- for a LCM and hope to try out our new microtome. Our blades were backordered so I'm waiting for them to arrive to allow me to start slicing paraffin sections.


sophie said…
Love the photo! Nice work.
Utopia said…
Great picture, Babe!

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