alaska baking in the sun

I woke up this morning with that phrase in my mind. I had no Earthly idea why. The only connection I can think of to Alaska I have right now is that I read Erin's blog Pupsicle fairly regularly but I'm quite sure that had nothing to do with my waking thought this AM.

Baked Alaska, maybe? Oddly enough I've never had one. I don't think that lack is something I'd dwell on but you never know. Alaska baking in the sun--weird.

I was working in Photoshop and Illustrator along with some side ventures with Excel and Prism for 9 hours yesterday at work. And I brought some of it home to work on this weekend. I seriously doubt I'll have the stomach to put any extra time into those programs for a blog redesign until I'm finished making the graphics for this paper my lab is publishing. I love working with Photoshop but there is a limit! Besides, I've decided that the two pictures I posted about on Thursday are crappy and I'm going to go with something more feminine like flowers. I must be having some weird hormonal surge or something 'cause usually a flower theme would not appeal to me at all.

Alaska baking in the sun? WTF?


Shane said…
It's okay -- just make sure you flex your biceps while you work with flowers. Throw in a few Neanderthal grunts for good measure. heh heh

Michele sent me
Karen said…
Isn't it funny how the mind work sometimes? Who knows what makes us think of certain things? For me, it's usually triggered by worry. But I don't think you're worrying about baked alaska!

Michele sent me today. Have a great weekend!
rashbre said…
Try Yellow Mug for some snappy little design aids to augment Photoshop. I use their stuff as well as PS to save time (for bloggy things).

Michele seems to be resting this weekend.

Ciera said…
a wierd hormonal surge? I can think of nothing constructive to say. Sorry, bud.
Teresa said…
WTF, indeed! I haven't a clue what that means.... The title of the entry, not the WTF.

No flowers, Dave. No offense to your adorable feminine side, but I don't want to look at pictures of flowers. No!

Yeah... I know that means "flowers it is!"
kenju said…
Well, isn't that interesting?! Should be fun to see what you come up with....LOL
Grins said…
Some flowers would be OK, but don't girl it up too much. If I find flashing glitter dolls here I am so gone. ;-) Here via our friend Michele this time.
Crayonsetc said…
Don't you just love the things our mind comes up with when we are asleep??? My favorite is when I wake up singing a Praise & Worship song though!!

Can't wait to see the new look. Thanks for stopping by Crayons and giving me such a great laugh!!!
Flowers will be beautiful, I'm sure...What made you decide that those two pictures were "Crappy"???
Oh's your blog...whatever you do will be just Grand! Though I will miss that darling Cat Photo, as you know...

Here from Michele's this early A.M.
Claire said…
I'd love for some magic interpretation device to be invented that could tell us why and how we think about the things we do when we wake up!!

Here from Michele's today...oh and I really liked those pictures you posted and certainly didn't think they were crappy!!
Erin said…
How funny - I've never had baked Alaska either, and I'm a lifelong Alaskan.

But the sun HAS come out lately, so perhaps that's what's been on your mind. It finally feels like summer's on its way.

I like the Alaska Spice Co. - they make some good stuff. If you want good halibut recips, just ask. I've got bunches.

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