10.5 Apocalypse

Well, let's start with my conclusion. I liked this movie. 10.5 Apocalypse was very entertaining. However...

I bet you could guess there was a however coming. As a scientist I did notice a few slight flaws. LOL Like huge gaping ones far larger than the sinkholes that were opening up all over the western and midwestern states.

Still, I did like the pacing of the movie, most of the dialogue seemed real, and the special effects were quite impressive for a movie on a television budget. But that underlying science was really quite silly.

On the other hand, this movie was a HUGE improvement over the original movie 10.5 (also on NBC a few years back) in which California was beset by an enormous earthquake. One that measured an all but impossible 10.5 on the Richter scale (the San Andreas fault is a strike-slip fault and that type rarely gets quakes over 7--the really big quakes happen in subduction zones which occur when one tectonic plate is forced to move under another plate).

I'll address some of the science questions I had about the movie in the morning after I get some sleep but one thing struck me about the lame ending--another sequel must be on its way. That ending was just way too open ended.

Preview of science problems: have these people ever heard of plate tectonics? In the movie they're treating the continents as if they're the "structures" driving planetary activity. Sort of like they had heard the phrase "continental drift" but didn't know the theory behind it.


Seraphim said…
Ooo I get so annoyed when they screw the science up in movies. It puts me right off. Will be waiting for your next post!
Noi Rocker said…
Hi Utenzi, I remember bidding a while ago but I wasnt chosen. However, you were kind enough to mention about the rest of the bidders, including myself. I think thats what you remembered.

I receive feedback about not being able to view properly in FF. I do not have FF so I dont know about it thats why I have stated in my blog that the site is best viewed with IE. I am no expert in at this really so if you know anyone who is willing to help this blur girl, do let me know;)

I hope you are recovering well from your rashes and poison ivy. We miss you in BOTB!
Oreo said…
Momma didn't like that they killed that guy off in the helicopter. Thanks Dave, Momma likes mine tongue too! :)
Michelle said…
Not seen that movie, no doubt it will arrive down here at some stage. Have you seen Category 7 Day of Destruction?
O...OMr.Bean said…
no doubt it will arrive down here at some stage
O...OMr.Bean said…
no doubt it will arrive down here at some stage
O...OMr.Bean said…
like that they killed that guy off in the helicopter

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