wind storm

Last week we had a windstorm blow through this area.

While nothing like those that have been ravaging Kansas the past few weeks the one that hit me did take down a number of trees near me. It also tore part of the lid of this silo away.

The subdivision I live in used to be a cow pasture and there's still farms, mostly dairy, surrounding me. These silos are at the edge of my subdivision and I took the picture from my front porch.

I can't imagine how much damage a huge piece of steel, edges sharp from where it was torn from the top of the silo, would do if it went sailing with the wind. And to think that in a tornado, considerations like that would be commonplace. Scary stuff!

TGIF and all that, everyone!


Erin said…
It may be cold up here, but at least we don't have flying silos! Scary.
Grins said…
Yikes, what a thought to have to ponder. Stay safe in the wind.
NetChick said…
Wow... That is scary Dave. We just don't get anything like that here!

Glad you are okay!
Michelle said…
Have a super weekend Dave :o)
mommy d said…
What a picture! Crazy that wind can do that much damage. Here via Michele's. Happy weekend!
Pearl said…
Wind can be powerful. A windstorm around here knocked one barn to a wicked lean and lifted the roof off another and set it down on a the pasture beside. Awesome force.

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