Touch me

Since the picture of the path yesterday was received well, here's the mother--so to speak--of that path.

[click me]

{click me}

[click me]

{click me please!}

Does that remind you of that Samantha Fox song from the 80's? Touch me, touch me please! LOL If you look at the picture above--and you might need the larger size--you can see a path that goes behind the red azalia bush. That's where I took yesterday's picture. I was standing with my back to the azalia bush just a few steps further up.


Ivy said…
That is some place there! Its beautiful!

Michele sent me!
deputyswife said…
Your photos are inspiring!!! We are replacing our large porch on our victorian home. I am already mapping out my front garden.

Michele sent me!
Shane said…
sullen mallard,
i see the foliage
steals your glory

shane gilreath

(fantastic photo)
Pickalish said…
Hi Utenzi....I'm incognito, as i've had to join witness protection. Anyhow, CRACK ME UP about Samantha Fox. I totally forgot all about her!!
rashbre said…
Thats strange.

This post seems to have changed since I first read it. I can't quite recollect the differences, however.


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