Tech Snack

This week's tenant is Tech Snack. For some odd reason I keep thinking of the site as Tech Shack. That's odd because "snack" is a good description. Many of the items that are featured there are just delicious--at least to tech toy lovers like me.

Today's toy isn't really very high tech though it does look it. It's a metal wall with places that plants can grow through so you get the high tech metal look with greenery too. Very slick!

One of the odd things about Tech Snack is that it doesn't look like a typical sales oriented blog. Sure, it has the typical google ads that those places do, but the featured items don't really seem like they're usually for sale. It's more like the blog owner loves the concept of the techy items so much he just wants others to know about them.

My favorite item recently has been the Tempra Tech Self-Chilling Can. It's a commercially sold can that can go from room temperature to 35-40f in 3 minutes. Freaky!

Another interesting item was the one wheeled motor bike featured on March 28th or maybe the Glass Knives (Stone Age type) that were written up the following day.

I'll probably blogroll the site next time I update my links just so I can go there once or twice a week to see what's new. There's just something so fascinating about high tech toys and tools. I guess it's more of a boy-thing than a girl-thing though I know a few women that would disagree.


Michelle said…
OOooo neat site Dave :o)
Pearl said…
Was it the site of the day? Now the page goes to
Pearl said…
P.S. I was able to google it. Illuminated sinks today. :-) Looks like a fun place.
Carmi said…
I love dreaming over utopian ideals. Sites like this absolutely reflect that ethos. It's sort of like the world-of-tomorrow thread that pervaded the 50s and 60s.

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