In the meantime, feel free to visit my tenant Ribbiticus.
She's got such a nice blog.


Teresa said…
That oxygen deprivaton thing again, dear????
ribbiticus said…
hi utenzi! i can't say thank you enough for the oh so generous plugging. :)

am jealous, though, as you seem to be visiting a lot of ponds - all prettier than mine! lol!

fyi, grosse point blank is also my favorite john cusack movie of all time. followed closely by say anything (lloyd dobler was a dream guy for many years). :)
utenzi said…
Ribbiticus, anything I can do for you--just ask. Those are two very entertaining movies as is also the one that you matched to, Being Malkovitch.

Naomi, no turtle theme on its way soon. The day I went to the lake was cloudy so there were very few turtles in sight. I need to have a sunny day so they'll all be out on rocks and logs basking in the sun.

Teresa, plenty of oxygen here.
craziequeen said…
WHat a coincidence, you're renting to my Frog Princess...

Off to say hi!

oh, and Michele sent me - again!


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