quiet but not pristine path

There's several serious posts that I've been thinking about writing up but I decided to just go with a picture instead. Mainly because I really liked it. Oh, and if you look at the top of the picture you'll see a woman partially hidden in the tree. She was on top of a guy making out. I didn't see them there when I took the picture but I most surely saw them when I climbed the stairs afterward!

Normally in a case like that you say "I don't know who was more embarrassed..." but in this case it's just not true. It didn't seem to bother them one bit. I sure did scoot along that path quickly though.

As for the other possible posts, one is about penis size--I don't know if I'll ever actually publish that one--another addresses how P/E ratios and public perception of a company can get intertwined and cause odd valuations of a company's stock (I find that stuff interesting though I realize not many others do) and also something about the history and PR involvement, not to mention marketing, of coffee over the past few hundred years though certainly with a focus on the last 30 years. Starbucks, of course, is the impetus behind that post. And a few book and DVD reviews too.

You ever notice how much there is to write about and only so many hours in the day?


No_Newz said…
Do I even need to submit my penis vote? LOL!
Did you tell them they ruined a perfectly good shot? Love the photo!
Lois Lane
Michelle said…
What a beautiful picture. It is funny how you didn't notice the people until you walked up the stairs.
Erin said…
There's never enough time.
utenzi said…
Truer words were never said, Erin.

Even worse, I didn't notice them at the top of the stairs at first--or more accurately I didn't notice what they were doing. The gardens I was at was VERY public though this was an out of way corner--I just didn't expect to see anyone making out in such a public spot.

Lois, I just might have to step up to the plate and deliver since I certainly don't want to disappoint you. :-)
No_Newz said…
Well, via la penis! LOL!
Lora said…
Speaking of penis size... I'm seriously debating whether or not I should keep the protective cover from my sons circumcision to torment him with in the future. I think it's kinda neat, but some might see it as cruel.
Michelle said…
I say 'viva la penis' too!
Love that photo...so pretty :o)
Pearl said…
Now look what you've gone and put in my head! This tune: If you go into the woods today, you'll find a big surprise.

(btw, replied to your comment at my place on the better late than never principle.)
Carmi said…
So often, we take pictures that reveal their hidden secrets only after we get home and view them on a big screen. I love when I'm surprised like that.

Something tells me this couple really didn't much care about getting caught. If they were really squeamish about being viewed by strangers, I suspect they would have rented a hotel room.

Probably one that has an hourly rate :)

Back from Michele's. You're always a wonderful read.
Grins said…
Utenzi...I really...really...REALLY love this photo. Here via Michele this time, I always enjoy your site.

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