pita obsession

I know, I know. You're thinking how many posts can this guy milk out of something as simple as pitas. Well, I think this is the last one. Promise!

I did make the pita bread yesterday as planned though I didn't start it around 10am as planned, but rather in the late afternoon. Since the process takes around 4 hours, this changed from a late lunch into a late dinner. No problem though, it still tastes the same!

The picture to the left is the top pita, on a stack of them separated by cloth towels while they lasted then paper towels at the end. I only have 5 hand towels for the kitchen but there were 16 pitas. The recipe was perfect for 16 pitas though I used my mixer instead of kneading by hand. I've got incipient arthritis in my hands so I try not to aggravate it by excessive squeezing. One thing, you don't want to roll these too thin. Maybe 20% thicker than you would for a pie crust.

On the left there you can see some of the finished pitas. This was about half way through the baking process. I didn't have a pizza stone so I used a very heavy aluminum baking pan I have.

Since you're only baking for 4 minutes--the recipe called for 3 minutes but probably due to the relatively lesser heat retention of my metal baking pan, I had to up the baking time by a minute--you need to get in and out of the oven quickly. I used tongs to remove the pitas from the pan so I didn't need to keep the door open long.

You can also see the garlic butter I prepared in the saute pan. I added a little bit of that to the inside of the pitas to give them a little boost in taste. Mmmmm.

Here's a picture of the pitas once I'd loaded up the inside with bruchetta mixture, some onion, and some cheese mix. I had feta in there but also some Romano, Provalone and Parmesan. Ha! It's like a listing of districts in Italy.

Was it worth it to make the pitas from scratch? I don't know. They tasted quite good but I'm not sure they were that much better than any you'd buy in a store. It was neat though to see how the dough, when baked, just formed pockets without any intervention. You cut open the baked pita and it's in two layers. Neat!

As you can see from the picture, it was fun to fill that pocket! I even had one for breakfast today.


kenju said…
You'd make someone a good wife, Utenzi!

When I went to your area, I was on Morrow Mill Road.
Karen said…
OK, you MADE pita bread? Stop it. Right now. You're making the rest of us that BUY pita bread look like big, lazy good-for-nothings. Really.

Wow, you're amazing. Michele sent me today and it's been quite a trip!
rashbre said…
Sounds and looks scrummy (er thats scrumptious - ie good - if it doesn't translate from English). Your recipe has an Italian vibe about it, especially with the fillings.

If you havn't already - then try an Arab شاورم version - I used to eat a lot of pitta when in Saudi Arabia and Turkey ideally with some kind of spiced chicken shwarma filling, garlic mayo and even a light toasting to the outside of the bread. If veggi then garlic, cardamon, cinnamon, lettuce and tomato. I shall go do this myself and hmm - I don't normally do recipes!

Here today from Michele's.

keda said…
damn you, now i have to go eat! hi from michele*
Cyndy said…
I feel so unworthy. I buy my pita bread! :) Good morning to you!
Michele sent me
keda said…
i will NEVER make pitta bread. sad but true. i just don't have the ..... urge?...

however i do like it very much. especially filled with felafel, grated cheese and salad, hummus is also a fave, but you really should try them filled with smelly brie or camembert cheese and fresh coriander leaves you can also add chicken if really hungry.. yummy scrummy*
keda said…
ps. thank you for your commitment to reading and your lovely comments on my blog. it is much appreciated.
Michael Manning said…
Utenzi: This rocks! I grew up in an Eastern European family where salads, feta cheese and Pita's with baked cottage cheese, meled butter or onions with hanburger was common. John Lennon baked bread too!
Chrissie said…
Hi - I'm visiting from Michelle's.
I love the little tiger on your blog... do you know him or just love tigers?
They are one of my favorite animals!
colleen said…
Your the first I've ever heard of making pita from scratch. The fillings sound great!

michele says HI>
scrappintwinmom said…
Wow. That looks SO good. Here via Michele today.
Sandy said…
Looks scrumptious! I always think anything worth eating is worth attempting to make from scratch at least once. not sure I'd tackle invovled projects more than that, but it's at least worth trying. ;)

Michele sent me over to drool over pita bread posts.
kenju said…
Back again, via Michele. That looks better and better. I don't blame you for using the mixer; I have arthritis in my hands too, so I baby them when I can. Most of the time though, I am wielding pruning shears or ratchet pruners. That doesn'thelp much at all!
Pearl said…
You inspirational fella you. I just took my bread out of the oven, sundried tomato and cheese loaf over here. Maybe pics tomorrow. :-)
barbie2be said…

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