lowering prices drastically

...and the other dog said: "what's the difference?"

I've got a butt load of points over on Blog Explosion these days so I lowered my weekly rental rate dramatically. I used to charge 200-350 points and this week I only charged 40 and as a result I had 8 people apply that afternoon. The following 8 blogs are the ones that applied and Rocky Jay over on the left is the one I picked. While not for everyone--he's got a sexist and at times offensive writing style--he's very entertaining and one of my favorite blogs to read at Blog Explosion. While many women might like his insights and writing, he strikes me as appealing more to male readers. But I do hope that women will go over and check out his blog--Rocky would never forgive me if I only sent men over there. LOL

Rocky Jay.Com: Like I said above, one very funny and acerbic blog. I'm never sure how much to take seriously and how much to take with a grain of salt. Or an entire salt cellar! Rocky has an original blog voice and is quite unique and needs to be tried out. Words just can't explain the experience.

If you're easily offended you might want to read with care. His Easter post has a picture of a very deluded rabbit having difficulties with species orientation. The previous post goes to length to describe the trials and tribulations of pooping at work. Funny but a mite graphic. Thank God there's no pictures!

Grins and Laughter: A blog written by a single woman that recently turned 40. She's getting married in May so the single days are soon to be gone. She's got a son and two Golden Retreivers. The tone of the blog is sexy but with an underlying humor that speaks to her way of dealing with the ups and downs of life.

Texas RV Travel: This blog is run by CyberCelt. She's got 3 blogs that are all advertising driven to some degree. This blog is the least commercial and has a lot of information about traveling in Texas. Her April 5th post about paddling along the Texas coast was particularly appealing to me.

Full Metal Photographer: This blog is run by a 24 year old fellow that is a law student. He's got several blogs but this is by far my favorite. He's a very talented photographer and I can't say enough about his pictures. You should REALLY give his blog a look. It's well worth the visit. His picture of Dutch Hyacinths on the 13th was beautiful.

PupSickle: This blog is run by a 25 year old woman in Fairbanks, Alazka. She writes about her daily life with an emphasis on her poodle and her husband, Lan.

She's got some really nice pictures as well. Click on that picture to the left because it needs to be seen full size to be appreciated.

Trying to Stay Sane: A Finnish woman writes this blog and while she posts about numerous topics, her main focus is in vitro fertilization and trying to have a child. She seems to have some issues with self esteem but she reads David Eddings so I figure she's pretty smart. :-)

Voicing my Thoughts: I like this blog. It's written by Noi, a 25 year old woman in Singapore. She writes about her work, her life, and what she wants to accomplish. I get a very strong impression of her strength and commitment from her writing--and have little doubt that she'll go far in life.

The Kibitzer: This is an excellent blog. Well designed and written by Joe Thomas, a 23 year old student at the University of Colorado, who's a student of political science and philosophy. The blog focuses on the news but within that designation he really moves all over the landscape. Recent posts handle Google advertising, civil rights, plane crashes and date rape via the Duke University Lacrosse Team. It's a very interesting blog and well worth reading!


Leslie Shelor said…
It's amazing all the talent out there, with such creative writing!

Here from Michele's; hello!
Danielle said…
That comic is so funny! Here via Michele's.
Cyndy said…
There really is a lot of blog talent out there. Thanks for the blog heads up about these writers.
Michele sent me! :)
Dave said…
Hi Utenzi, thanks for popping by via Michele's, I saw The Kibitzer renting over at


I'll try your tenant now.
sage said…
I have yet to figure out this renting thing, but am here to say hi from Michele's.
Noi said…
Thank you for the write up. I really appreciate it. Hey the comic is so funny. You know I am a regular here;)
Pearl said…
lol-love the comic.

What a variety of people you point to,

Michele pointed me over this time.
Sandy said…
I fell out of the habit of blog explosion before blog rentals got big. I still find it a rather intriguing concept.

michele sent me over tonight.
colleen said…
Glad I stopped in via michele. I joined Blog explosion a year ago, but I don't understand what to do with it...the system seems like a lot of work to learn. I do want to check out some of these links. Thanks for them and the great cartoon.
Lisa said…
very interesting choice for renter...
Michele sent me.
DeAnn said…
Ha! I love that cartoon!!

Hope you had a Happy Easter!!
deputyswife said…
Here via Michele's!

I have always wanted to go over to Blog Explosion to see what it is all about. I guess I need to just get over there!

I hope you had a Happy Easter! (btw, the last time I was here you had a scary dog on your banner. So happy to see the pretty kitty!!! LOL!)
Dave said…
Another day, another comment, here from Michele's again.
Jade said…
Thanks for the offerings of other sites. I enjoyed your renter, love his humor in reality stuff. Here from Michele's to say Good Afternoon.
Erin said…
It was nice of you to give me a blurb even though I'm not your rental. Thanks. Maybe next time, I guess.

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