Katie Couric

Couric is my favorite newsperson on television now that Ted Koppel has retired.

Sure, part of my reason for liking her is that she's cute--even at 49!--and perky. And yes, that grin--as shown to the left--is just infectious. But Couric has demonstrated over the 15 years that she's been with The Today Show that she can hold her own when interviewing people.

I grew up with Walter Cronkite being the premier newscaster. All the other news anchors were also male. I never really liked any of them. Partly it's a gender thing--I just trust females easier--but it's also personality. Too many of the male journalists are too "tough" for lack of a better word. Someone like Sam Donaldson just makes me disgusted and Dan Rather is close behind. My girlfriend really liked Peter Jennings but I didn't share her feelings though he didn't annoy me either. Jennings, for me, was in a category shared with Brokaw and Reasoner--inoffensive but nothing I wanted to watch. Barbara Walters, by contrast, despite being female just left me cold.

Couric will be the first weeknight news anchor in my lifetime that I've actually liked. Her role on 60 Minutes won't be as unique for me since I like most of the people who've fronted on that show.

60 Minutes will require a different skill set but one that she's also shown over the years that she does have. Couric does have serious journalism chops and won't have any trouble pushing hard questions when it's needed. Not a situation that arose frequently on The Today Show but when it did she was ready. In her early days with the show, Bryant Gumbel would do the hardball interviews but now that's the domain of Couric and she does just fine. Oh, and she's cute. Even when she frowns.

Of course there's also the back room aspects that deal with demographics and money. Future topics, perhaps?


Teresa said…
Ah... you hate perky! That can't be the reason.

For some reason, I've never liked her. I actually make a point of NOT watching her. I guess I have to take your word as to her ability to interview. However, morning show interviews are notoriously bad, mainly because they are planned out to the second and the natural followup in a taped interview doesn't always happen. Still, you seem pleased by this turn of events and I like you to be happy....
Michelle said…
I can't stand her, thankfully the today show is on here at 4.30 in the morning, i used to watch it whilst working out.....i liked Matt and Ann....it's Ann that should have got the anchor role not giggling Katie!!
Terri said…
HAD to put in my two cents...I ADORE Katie! And I think everything you said about her was right on the mark. I'll miss her terribly on Today...but with 2 daughters and no husband, and getting up at 4 a.m. for 10 years, she deserves a nice break!
I do like Meridith that will replace her and just from the short segment I saw of her and Matt....I think their bantering will be just as enjoyable.
BY the way, Utenzi....you have superb taste!
OH...visiting from Michele's today...lol Got carried away on Katie.
Carmi said…
I'm with you, Utenzi, and I can't wait to see her dig into her new role.

Ted Koppel was the first person I ever interviewed for radio. He remains an icon in my mind of what a newsperson should be. The media world misses his kind.

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