Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone out there. I'd share some of my chocolate with y'all---but you'd have to pry it out of my cold clenched fingers! LOL Sorry about that but I get a little protective of my chocolate.

So far, my favorite Easter post is the one over at Netchick's place. It's very cute but a little violent and probably not for young children due to it's depicting the Easter Bunny in a very unconventional way. No naughty stuff, just a little kick-ass.


Teresa said…
Happy Easter to you too!

I'm a little disappointed that you aren't sharing your chocolate. It's about the only think I like about the day. This is so sad....
kenju said…
Easter Island! What a clever way to wish us a Happy Easter. I hope I get to see those heads in person, sometime. Have a good Easter!

Michele sent me today.
Tammy said…
:) I posted the same bunny earlier in the week...I have a new one today.

Happy Easter! Visiting via Michele this morning.
Courtney said…
I've got my own chocolate, no worries.
Jesus Christ Superstar made an appearance on my site this morning.

Here via Michele today. Happy Easter!
jennypenny said…
Mmmmm chocolate! Happy easter. Here from Michele's today.
Pearl said…
thought my eye spied the word chocolate. I've reviewed two more today.
Pearl said…
Pardon me, also meant to wish you a Happy Easter. :-)

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