I hope you'll forgive me but I was out most of yesterday afternoon looking at genitals. Hell, I wasn't just idly gazing--I was pointing, staring, and even taking pictures.

When you think about it, it's a little odd that when we look at human genitals we get all sorts of odd feelings--both good and bad--but when we look at the genitals of a plant, almost without exception we only get good feelings.

How can you look at the lovely purple folds over there to the left without thinking, or even saying, "awwww"? You can't. Plant genitals are just too damn pretty to avoid that sorta thing.

Of course the purple color isn't very human looking but the plants above and below, using a more pinkish palatte, might remind you more of the genitals of another species--but if so, don't say anything. I'm trying to keep a "G" rating here.
Did you notice that inchworm on the pansies? Or the aphid? It's amazing how many things can grow on a genital, isn't it?

Pistols and stamen. I pretty much stayed with zoology when I was in college and only took the one required course in botany so my knowledge of these type of genitals are scanty but many biologists base their entire careers on studying them. Makes you wonder a little if there's some displacement going on, huh? Or is that too Freudian?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at the semi-private parts of these plants. I'll probably post a few more pictures of the flowers I was looking at this weekend in the next few days. No more closeups though. The heart can only take so much exposure to genitals--I don't want to stress anyone out too much.


Karen said…
Holy crap! That is one attention-getting post title you have there! I will never look at flowers the same way again. *blushes*

Back again from Michele's!
Carmi said…
I'd be interested to hear how the search engines respond to the wording of this entry. Your traffic will likely see a bit of a spike from porn-seekers.

Seriously, you don't need forgiveness at all. Thanks, more like it. Beautiful images and thoughts - which is par for the course for you.

Makes me want to go out and capture similarly pretty scenes from my corner of the world. Thank you for the inspiration.
You didn't come visit me, so I thought I would come visit you. I always like getting a good look at some genitals.
-E said…
I am incredibly jealous. Every time I try taking a nice picture of some flowers, as you have done very well here, it never turns out. How do you do it? :)

Michele sent me.
Ciera said…
I agree---that was a very attention getting title...!!!! I must say, I did a good bit of blushing even though we were talking about flowers.
Michelle said…
Gorgeous genitals David :)
kenju said…
My first thoughts were the same as Karen and Carmi! The search engines will have a field day with it!

I love the pics, though, they are beautiful and hopeful. Have a great week.
Oreo said…
:-0 WHAT!? Purrty pictures Dave. Mom was in your neck of the woods this weekend. She even drove right past Childress' vinyards.
No_Newz said…
Nice genitals Dave! I love this time of year!
Lois Lane
Chas Ravndal said…
they all look gorgeous!
Pearl said…
Have to say I love the pics of your genitals. ;-)

I've always wondered similarly about people who devote their life to mushrooms. They seem preoccupied with the organs than the majority of veins that make up the plant-being.
Anonymous said…
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Yaeli said…
If you've ever seen the tacky 80's movie Grease 2 you'll know a fabulously dreadful song about pistols, stamens and reproduction. It's worth a look.
"Where does the pollen go?"
Jade said…
You know I just stopped in to say thanks for visiting and was greeted so wonderfully with genitals. I must thank you because I happen to love all genitals and yours were especially pretty!
utenzi said…
I'm not participating in that game mentioned three posts above but decided to let it through the filter just in case anyone else looking for clues needs that info.

Hi Yaeli! Nice to see you around. You've been awful quiet lately. Does having a boyfriend always cause this? LOL

Jade, thanks for the compliment. I wish mine were as pretty as a flower, but alas it just isn't so.

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