Blame this on Moo

Blame this on Moo Alex. She Emailed me this Frap Map thing. I've seen it on other blogs but have managed to steer clear of the nonsense--but she caught me in a weak moment, so here it is. I've not decided if I'll add it permanently to my side panel yet. Maybe if enough folk put their locations in--so I don't look like some dweeb with no friends!--I'll toss it over there.

I've been meaning to do a blog makeover anyway so this'll give me an incentive to do so. The app is too big for my side area as is...I had to reduce the size of the map about 15%. Now I just have to decide on what picture to use as a masthead for a new design...


Teresa said…
I'm not sure what exactly I'm looking at... Change is good though. Right?
Michelle said…
Oz isn't on this map :(
utenzi said…
It's there, Michelle though I admit it took a little fiddling for me to find it. It's a lot easier to use on the Frap website than on this mini-app.
No_Newz said…
Done done and doner. You'll necerize me as doo-rag Lo.
BTW, I cropped those photos of my dad a lot. He was in nothin' but his skivvies.
Consider yourself thankful for my GIMPin' skillz. :P The GIMP free photo software rocks btw! :D
Lois Lane
utenzi said…
Teresa, you signed on as a guy. Is there something you've not told me???

Lois, I don't see you on my map yet but I eagerly await your appearance. As for the photo editing--I'm so glad you did it!
Ciera said…
You've got more friends on your map than I do on mine and I've had mine does that make me the bigger dweeb????
Carmi said…
I set up a map on a similar message from a blog friend. I've so far resisted the urge to add the applet to my blog: I dunno, but I'm shying away from dumping any more flotsam onto the site. I still want it to be about the words and images...anything else might detract from the core goal.

I'm rambling. If a Frappr map makes it easier for me to find you, then I'm all over it.

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