Amphibians accepted here

I've got a frog on my blog and that's a good thing.

Actually the frog in question has a name. She's Ribbiticus. And oddly enough, she's got 2 legs, not 4.

That's Ribbiticus over there to the left. About the prettiest frog that ever lived. Not that I rented space to her just because she's pretty--I have plenty of other reasons to rent her space. Her writing skills come to mind immediately.

I've been reading Ribbiticus' blog on and off ever since I started blogging 13 months ago. She's a regular at Michele Agnew's weekend Meet & Greet and that's how I first read her blog Pond Perspective a year ago.

Ribbiticus writes about things that happen to her and things that she does. For example the picture of Ribbiticus in the gown was taken at a friend's wedding last December and the picture below is of Ribbiticus and 2 of her closest friends when they had a chance to get together earlier this month.

Ribbiticus also posts a number of memes that have content that interests her as well as Internet items like a recent video from You Tube that featured a singing duet that had Kermit the Frog crooning his little lungs out. As you might guess, Ribbiticus is partial to frogs!

According to her blog, Ribbiticus has the address: 8th lilypad, faerie lake, enchanted forest. You and I know this area by it's mundane name of Manila, in the Philipine Islands. Enchanted Forest has more cachet though.

The picture to the left is Ribbiticus and two friends participating in a photograpic meme. What can I say? The fun never ends at the Pond Perspective. Trot right over there and say Ribbit. She'll be glad to hear from you.


Karen said…
Yes, Ribbiticus is definitely a worthy tenant and a great are you! I so enjoy visiting both of you! Hope you're having a great weekend. Here via Michele's!
Aimee "Roo" said…
hello from michele. glad to stop by and find not only your blog, but ribbiticus as well.
Carmi said…
You have excellent taste in tenants, Utenizi. I've been an avid reader of hers for about the same amount of time, and she's always been exactly as you describe.

Which reminds me, I need my pond fix. Bye!
scrappintwinmom said…
I enjoy visiting *both* of you! Here via Michele today!
Busy Mom said…
Hi! Michele sent me, too! I'll have to check out Ribiticus,also.
Crayonsetc said…
Ok, I am going to head on over... I am stopping by tonight via Michele!
barbie2be said…
hi utenzi! here from michele's tonight.
Oh yes, I'm a regular reader of Ribitticus and enjoy her blog very very much. Occassionally I will see a froggy that I think she might like and I email it to her...She is a very bright nice smart fun person, and a good tenent, no doubt!
ribbiticus said…
gee, utenzi. that was some write-up! thanks very much although i don't think i deserve even half of the nice things you said about me. be warned, though. some of your regular visitors might think those photos are just a tad gratuituous...hope i can reciprocate someday. :)
No_Newz said…
Screw renting space here, I'm applying for eminent domain. Home Fires will spread like wild fires. Bwwaahahahahahah! :P
Lois Lane
Hi there! Just swinging by and voting for you in BOTB, good luck!

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