Spring is bursting out in NC

I took these three pictures when I got home from work this evening. As you can see, here in North Carolina Spring has arrived. Where I live, about 12 miles west of Chapel Hill, it's a little cooler than the RTP area. At campus the pear trees were in bloom last week but mine just started 2 days ago.

Here's another view of the Bradford Pear trees that border my property. On the other side of them is the neighbor that has some chickens.

I thought the picture above was a little too stark due to the ground so I added a nice "blue lake" effect to this one. It's actually the roof of my truck that I included to get the reflections of the trees off of it.

I can't decide which version I like better though I guess the one above is the more real. But who needs reality?

The daffodils in Durham and Chapel Hill are all out but only today did my first one bloom.

It's weird how only living 12 miles away makes so much of a difference in the plants. Also, I live in the middle of what used to be a huge cow pasture so there's not much cover from the wind. That's probably as much a factor as my location is.

As you can see, the other daffodils aren't far behind and there's another 5 clumps of them all with their heads swelled up as much as these here.

I'll take pictures once they're all out--bright and cheerful--to help spread Spring about the web! LOL


Here from Michele's this time! :) Gorgeous trees!! Spring hasn't quite hit us here in Missouri yet, though we have had a few warm days. It won't be long though, and we are sure ready for it here!
Teresa said…
Things just started blooming here and my sinuses knew it before I noticed it visually. You are much further along with this "spring is coming" thing! So far the roses and trees are ready to start leaves and I can see a few of the hyacinths barely poking out of the ground.

Nice pictures!
Michelle said…
Fourth day of Autumn down under :)
although, nothing but palm trees where i am!
Great photos Dave, love the daffodils :)
Lovely pictures, both! Those are such pretty pretty rtrees...Does spring seem early to you??? Or is it usually starting at the beginning of March?

Here from Michele tonight, dear Utenzi...
What beautiful photos...wish I could be there to see the spring in the States. Oh yeah & found you at Michele's ;)
rashbre said…
We have snowdrops and the early signs of daffodils. It is quite interesting to see spring unfold across the northern hemisphere courtesy of the blogosphere!

Here today via Michele's!

Robin said…
Hi there! Looking at your pictures gives me hope, especially since we just had another snowstorm up here in New England...can't wait to see the apples and cherries in bloom (sigh!) I'm here from Michele's!
Scouser said…
Yippee, Spring will soon be here. Hi, Michele sent me once but I've come back again
vanx said…
Isn't this kind of early? Winter sprung in New Jersey only two weeks ago. At least we will have a real season before Spring.
Indigo said…
I love the pictures! And your new look too, wasn't it blue before?

I can't wait for spring here in WI. It'll be awhile though.

Michele sent me, have a great day!
Poppy Buxom said…
Thanks for dropping by my blog. I decided to return the favor and come by here, ONLY TO BE TORMENTED by your photos.

We're weeks from this in Chicago. I'm weeping ovah heah!
Prego said…
i'm still hunting down that wuss of a groundhog that bestowed us with a frigid feb/mar. his pelt'll be on ebay soon, if you're intereste. .99 with no reserve.

here via michele today
Joe said…
Great pics. That is what I love about living in the South, the beauty of the springtime!

Just don't ask me about the dreadful summers!
Noi said…
Beautiful pictures. I am so jealous of you:p
Buffy said…
I'm planning a trip to NC next month.

Just to get warm.

Suzanne said…
those are beautiful! I bet yall are burried in yellow pollen, like we are? Hi from Michele's
Plumkrazzee said…
Must be nice! I wouldn't know, it was only 16 degrees here all last week. My poor tulips started to come up, and then it froze. =( Ahh, life in the great white north.

Michele sent me.
Plumkrazzee said…
Must be nice! I wouldn't know, it was only 16 degrees here all last week. My poor tulips started to come up, and then it froze. =( Ahh, life in the great white north.

Michele sent me.
Carmi said…
My world is still covered with snow, so I find myself looking at your pictures with eager anticipation for the upcoming spring here in the great white north.

Tweaked or not, your images are always amazing.
Pearl said…
That looks heavenly. It'll be two months before it gets as nice as that here. thanks for sharing the pictures.

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