Ninja Poodles!

I just love that header. The phrase "Beware the four pointed paw of Death" is such a great line and goes with the Ninja motif so well. Classic.

Ninja Poodles is my tenant this week from Blog Explosion. It's a blog that is hard to define. Like mine here, Ninja Poodles covers a wide spectrum of content and interests. The heart of it is a Mommy Blog wherein the owner, Belinda, talks and vents about life with her daughter Isabella and husband Alex.

However it's also a clearing house of issues and ideas from mental health and medications thereof to celebrities like Tom Cruise to the loss of loved ones like her father and Cappy, seen to the left there.

One of the scariest things I've read I encountered in her blog. For a variety of reasons, mentioned in her August 10th post, Belinda is sometimes subject to panic attacks in Wal-marts. **Yikes** If that happened to me I'm not sure I'd find it worth living. Life without Wal-mart? I just don't know...I just don't want to think about that possibility. **hyperventilating here** Anyway...

Over there to the left is a new addition to the family, Magic, who was picked up in August 2005. Bella, seen with him, has been around since 2002 but that's still pretty new as well.

Belinda's blog, Ninja Poodles, got its start on July 8, 2005 and she's posted almost every day since.

Belinda's a lifelong Southerner who's a Christian and a member of a Southern Baptist Church. She leans to the left politically but cognitively leans right.

Belinda says she's generally conflicted and sees almost every issue in shades of grey, not black/white. Of course this results in her statement that "it is difficult for me to make decisions". That's to be expected from someone that understands the complexity of the world--at least that's why I think. (and might just be a rationalization for my own lack of decisive decision making)

Belinda lives in Arkansas with her husband, Alex, daughter, Isabella, and a bunch of horses and poodles. She also says that she's incapable of operating an electric can-opener and that she thinks that Jermain Taylor is cool.

**Jermain Taylor is a boxer from Belinda's hometown of Little Rock. He was a Bronze Medal winner in the 2000 Olympics and has been a professional boxer since January 2001**

I hope this description has aroused some interest in visiting her blog. It's well worth the time so head on over. If nothing else, there's lots of pictures of poodles and horses with the normal family pictures too and even one picture of a very well armed groundhog. I guess that was a complaint about the weather on Groundhog Day. :-)


Carmi said…
Thanks to your exhaustively detailed description of Belinda and her life, I feel like I know her already.

Gotta go visit.
mar said…
It was a short visit here, now I am off to visit your tenant! :¬) here via Michele's this time!
jennypenny said…
Will do. Thanks for the suggestion. here from michele's.
Lisa said…
she does have a great blog, and you're right... That header is a riot....
Suzanne said…
here from Micheles! But now that i'm here you're sending me away! ha! sheesh...was it something I said? ha ha ha
Shane said…
sounds like a great blog. hysterial header
Courtney said…
The existence of Walmart causes me panic attacks, never mind actually being in one.
Michele sent me.
David said…
you are crazy - thats why we love you

here from crazy michele
I will go take a peek at Ninja's cause your post really intrigued me...I did laugh about Wal-Mart--can you believecI've never been in a Wal-Mart...(afraid of a panic attack, I guess...or worse, fainting! (lol..)
Firgot to say Michele sent me, my dear Utenzi...OY! Panicked about Wal-Marts, I guess!!!!
Teresa said…
Though Walmart hasn't been a problem other than for black Friday, I can sympathise with her. I used to have trouble with K-mart. I haven't set foot in a K-mart in years! Not that I've had too many trips to Walmart either...

Her blog sounds interesting though. I'll have to check it out!
Belinda said…
WOW, what a fabu intro! Thanks!

I first encountered utenzi when he played my father in Adventures In Cyberia. That's right. My dad. And I got to be a teenager again! Ah, that was a heady week.

The "four-pointed paw of death" comes from the "Kill Bill" movies. Which I hated. A lot. BUT I was just hooked by the film's concept of the deadliest of all possible martial arts moves, "The Five-Pointed Palm of Death." Stricken from a distance of only inches away, if you are hit in the chest with the FPPoD, you will walk 12 steps, then fall instantly dead. I could not get over this idea, and walked around for a solid week threatening all and sundry with the FPPoD.

And cognitively leaning right, in case anyone isn't clear (and sometimes I'm not clear), just means that I am SO right-brained, i.e. zero mathematical, navigational, etc. skills, that it's a wonder I don't have to counterweight the left side of my head to keep from falling over.

Magic the pony has had a baby, too, which is WAY cute!

And, finally, you did your homework on Jermain, but since defeating Bernard Hopkins last year, and then beating him in the subsequent rematch, Jermain has held the title of Undisputed Middleweight Champion of the World. THE WORLD, MAN. (Prior to being unseated by Jermain, Hopkins had held the title for TEN YEARS.) And Jermain is the paragon of class, manners, and good sportsmanship. A real throwback to when athletes could be looked up to by children. (Ask me how conflicted I get internally by enjoying a BOXING match. Seriously. It ain't easy being in my head.) Anyway, our current show pup, "J.T." is named for him, and registered as "Impulse Bad Intentions."

I'm blogrolling utenzi forever now, I've enjoyed this week so much.
utenzi said…
Belinda, that's hilarious. I had no idea at the time who "my daughter" was. They sure did a lovely job making your avatar, Belinda. My, my!

I've seen both Kill Bill movies but like you, I didn't appreciate them very much, and didn't pick up on your reference to them. FPPofD--what a concept!

Thanks for the lovely compliments, Belinda. It'll be great being on your blogroll and I'll add you to my sidebar also.

Teresa, I'll add you to my blogroll also if you start posting more often! :-p
Jean-Luc Picard said…
Ninja Poodles sounds a great title. I'll have to visit it.

Michele sent me here.
I very much enjoyed Ninja Poodles, dear Utenzi...and thanks for that..
Incidentally, for a man who says he doesn't particularly care foir cats...that is one of the deaest pictures that you have at the top of your blog....I'm not sure I believe you...(lol)

Michele sent me back this early A.M.!
Anonymous said…
Life without Wal-mart is possible. Target is my cheapie department store of choice and even then, I spend as little time as possible in that place. *shudder*
Thanks for pointing out Belinda's blog, I'm ingrigued.
Belinda said…
Yup, the FPPoD was how "The Bride" ultimately did "Kill Bill." Aside from Pulp Fiction, and *maybe* Reservoir Dogs, I just think Quentin Tarantino is one of the most overrated folks in Hollywood.

Had a similar thought as we re-watched, for the umpteenth time, "The Sixth Sense" last night. Ol' M. Night really had something there, and it was amazing. And then he kept trying to do it again, and the results have been steadily downhill. We did like "Unbreakable," but we figured it out before the "reveal," which of course did NOT happen in our original theater-viewing of TSS. I wish he would just make a different kind of film now, instead of keeping on with the "big twist" concept. I think "The Village" was just a death knell for that theme for him. I hope so, anyway.

Everyone thinks that Ninja Poodles is just a funny title (and I wouldn't have used it if it didn't make me laugh), but I quite honestly live with a pack of ninja poodles. Seriously. The phrase didn't even *originate* with me, but with another poodle breeder, in reference to one particular litter of black puppies she had. They were so nice that she kept them all for several months, trying to decide which would be kept and shown. They ran in a "pack," and wreaked havoc and chaos in their path on a daily basis. I was on the phone with her one day, and she said, "Hang on, one of the Ninjas just took off with my LAST shoe. They're hiding them somewhere, and it's a team effort." Ever since then, the idea of ninja poodles has just been delicious to me.
I want to know who that darling cat is in your 'header'???
(If that's the right term...) (lol)
Michele sent me back again this morning, Utenzi...and it's always a pleasure to visit you...Ninja Poodles, too!
Thumper said…
How could I have spent so much time surfing BE and never come across Ninja Poodles?

I am on my way there now :)

Here via Michele's this fine morning!
Angie said…
A great review of your tenant! I must go to visit her!

Michele sent me today, but I read you often.
Diane Mandy said…
Great Review of you new renter. How do you find time to keep up with us all?
Karen said…
Hey, Utenzi! You've changed the place. I just realized I haven't been here in a while and it looks oh so different. I like it very much!

Michele sent me!
I'm following you today Utenzi, quite a bit! I'm still here again, from the dear Michele's! And, I have nothing else to report except that the kitty in your header looks so very much like one of my kitty's who is in Kitty Heaven now....his name was Teeny...A darling fun orange-type Tabby...What is this one's name, Utenzi?
Oreo said…
Yes, Dave, we could. However it wouldn't be as much fun as there is only one "car"......
Chatty said…
Is it me? Everytime I go to check out her link it takes me back to my own blog? I've tried in FF and IE? Maybe I just need a nap?

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