Go Tarheels

There's a number of schools of thought within religious circles about the nature of evil.

Some say there's just gradations of the absense of God's grace and that gives the appearance of evil in the world. Other's say that there is a devil and it's his influence that creates evil in the world.

I'm here to tell you that evil does exist and the devils are behind it all. The Blue Devils, that is.

In the microcosm of the ACC, God and country are represented by the UNC Tarheels. Lucifer, and all forms of nastiness right down to toe jam are represented by the Duke Univeristy Blue Devils.

Unfortunately Duke currently has the best record in the ACC--but on Saturday the Heels were able to pull the rug out from under Duke in a very intense game that ended with the Heels on top, 83-76.

This was quite an upset since Duke is top ranked and UNC was 13 in the AP rankings that day though only a few weeks before they were barely in the top 25. A 6 game winning streak has done a lot to improve their ranking these past few weeks.

The two men pictured here deserve much of the credit for their respective teams. Senior JJ Redick for the Blue Devils over there on the right and Freshman Tyler Hansbrough for the Tarheels.

This summation is on the ESPN website:

Tyler Hansbrough scored 27 points, fellow rookie Danny Green came up with the key defensive stop and the Tar Heels (No. 15 ESPN/USA Today; No. 13 AP) held off No. 1 Duke 83-76 Saturday night in the final home game for J.J. Redick and Shelden Williams.

Congratulations to the Tarheels on a great season and such a wonderful win over nasty old Duke

PS The UNC women's team is ranked #1 and in postseason play right now so watch them also!


Ananke said…
The Blue Devils are indeed the Spawn of Satan!!!! The must be destroyed! Besides, they so obviously stole UK's colors and we just can't have that, now can we? ;-)
Carmi said…
Sort of reminds me of the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens battles of yore. I love how sporting events can become lightning rods for such love and hatred.
Utopia said…
And indeed, the Tarheel Women are the winners of the ACC Tournamnet. 91-80 over number 4 Maryland. Here's the link to the story, but I don't know how to make it a link!!!
utenzi said…
Easy as pie, Utopia. You just put an anchor and HREF in front and then close it afterwards.

Tarheel Women
Sandy said…
Ha! I am very much not a college ball fan, but darn if you didn't pull me into this entry. :) I love the blog layout.
margalit said…
When I lived in RTP I was astounded at how nuts they were about college basketball. Between UNC, Duke and NCState everyone was a fan of some team and I felt like such an outsider for just not caring. I do love the big giant tarheel print on the road as you drive into Chapel Hill, though!

Here from Michele, and glad UNC won. Because the sky IS carolina blue, right?
Teresa said…
I'm baffled by it all. And don't even care that I am!

I can't even keep track of my local teams, but then I lost interest in basketball when I stopped playing it in junior high school.
kenju said…
The house I live in is UNC country too, Utenzi. Two of my kids graduated from there. I always wanted to go to Duke when I was young but now I have mended my ways...LOL

We loved that game. I couldn't believe the fast pace of it!
utenzi said…
Margalit, I know what you mean. Being from a small school in the NE, I never thought of basketball as a big college sport. Where I was from it was only football. Coming to this area was really eye opening--it's all basketball.

Teresa, I didn't know you were a jock!

Judy, I hope my girlfriend doesn't read this but I applied to Duke way back when I was a kid but I didn't get enough scholarship money to be able to afford to go there. I went state schools all the way--undergrad and grad.

It was a great game. Especially when you consider how slow UNC got out of the gate. It was looking like they were going to get creamed those first 5 or 6 minutes.
Diane Mandy said…
Well said, U!!! I've been a Carolina fan since the days of James Worthy! ACC tournament right ahead of us... the best time of the year.
Radioactive Jam said…
Go Tar Heels!
I feel okay saying that because we almost moved to Charlotte last year. Lame I know, but close enough for me.
"Michele sent me" -- have a great day.
senior advisor said…
Diane Mandy said I needed to check out your site today Utenzi. Well done! I'm not a tarheel born, but I am a tarheel bred -- I was a freshman at UNC the year MJ and friends took the title in '82 -- and that dark blue is evil, there's no doubt about it!
Dramedy Girl said…
I couldn't agree more! I love UNC for college basketball and will root for anyone playing Duke. This tournament will find me doing the same!
Ciera said…
I don't follow basketball, so...ok. I'll just play devil's advocate and cheer for whichever team is playing against yours!!!!

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