Amazing Race: those bastards! I can't believe they're going to make us wait another week like that. It's just not right! *pout*

Sue Grafton: I just finished reading Grafton's most recent Kinsey Millhone novel, S is for Silence last night. It might be her best novel so far. The Millhone series, often referred to as the alphabet books, have been uneven in quality. However the character of Kinsey is imbued with such warmth and quirkiness that I've enjoyed reading even the bad books in the series. I'm glad to say that S is for Silence is definitely not a bad one. In fact, it's the best book in the series. Grafton has really improved her voice in this book and while there are still some slight problems--Grafton really has trouble finding a good ending for her books--I definitely recommend this book. Her deft interplay of backstory and the contemporary plot make for a much more nuanced story than usual for this series.

Cold Case: I just finished watching the original pilot episode for the series. It was on TNT at 11pm. I'd forgotten how strong an original episode it was. That show really gets under my skin. The way that the motivations and emotional resonances of the various characters is peeled back to reveal the real person behind the mask. Thrilling, disturbing, frightening and touching. Take your pick--but it certainly has an effect on you.


Oreo said…
I love her books! I'm starting a series by J. D. Robb, (who is actually Nora Roberts.) I've gone back to the beginning & they are pretty good so far.
Sue said…
I love her books, too! I've read all in the series except the latest. I like the Kinsey Millhone character, she's been really fun to follow.

Haven't seen AR yet, it's on tivo! Sounds like I'll be disappointed in the ending, oh no!
Teresa said…
I haven't gotten into her books at all... someday, I'll probably start at the beginning and read them through.

I was upset about the TAR ending too. I hate when that happens! I saw it coming when I glanced at the clock and it was 10:55 and the old couple were still playing with those dolls. LOL. Did it look to you like the old woman wasn't checking the small one?
srp said…
Here from Michele. I saw that first show too. I think I missed the original. It was quite good. Nothing seems to be first run right now. Hope this will publish with all Bloggers problems tonight.
Belinda said…
I have skipped around so widely in the Sue Grafton alphabet, that I am hopelessly lost now as to which volumes I might have missed. I appreciate your assessment of reading "even the bad books" in a series you like, and identify strongly! Isn't it disappointing when they phone one in?

Agree on the early "Cold Case" episdoes, too, though I spent a lot of time wanting to brush that woman's hair. ;-) We haven't seen it lately, though...something else must have usurped its position.

And I'm relieved to see that you enjoy a show I can't stand to look at, "Amazing Race." Heh. Now I don't feel so "guilty" about watching "Bones!" Aren't we funny critters, human beings?

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