Chatty B. Tawkin

I'm here posting on the behalf of my tenant, Chatty B. Tawkin. On a side note this is my 303rd post. I managed to move past my 300th a few days ago with little fanfare. That's an average of 6 posts a week since I started at the beginning of April back last year.

Chatty--and as you can probably guess, that's not her real name!--has a great design. This header just gives you an inkling of an idea how lovely it is. Maybe someday if I get ambitious I'll get my blog in shape like hers. Maybe.

Chatty is a teacher--and that alone nearly qualifies her as a saint in my eyes, or some insane martyr, perhaps--and of young kids, no less. It's certainly not something I'd ever want to do. The closest I've ever come is student teaching University students in statistics, comp sci and philosophy. I had trouble sticking to one subject, I'm afraid.

She's married so all you single guys just eat your collective hearts out. She loves boating and her dog and she's 39 so that dreaded 40 is coming at her fast. Chatty is always quite honest in a quick witted in-your-face way and her blog is quite entertaining as a result.

Today's post is no exception. She manages to cover lesbian come-ons, saying “Why don’t you mind you fat nosey ass.” to another teacher--and the originator of the come-on but the two events aren't related all in one post. And even has time to console her dog who's rather sick.

By the way, in case you are curious about that come-on, and be honest--you probably are, here it is: “Honey if I lick you, you will never go back to your husband.”

This is Chatty herself over there on the left--but I suspect it's not exactly a photograpic likeness. Artistic license and all.

Some of Chatty's most entertaining posts relate to how annoying parents--especially overinvolved ones--can be to teachers. Any of you that have had run ins with parents like that will be able to identify with Chatty.

Chatty also has a link on her page to some really great web camera views of lakes in her area. The link is on the upper right side of her page and titled Can't Wait For: Ice Out and Boating! Give it a look. There's some amazing shots of small amounts of open water on these immense ice locked lakes in NH and I think some of MA too.


Teresa said…
Congrats on post 303!

I'll never catch up with you... I've done less than one a month. Hmmmm..... Best to just let you be ahead in one more thing...
panthergirl said…
Oooh I love Chatty!! She lives in Cyberia now, you know... ;)
tommy said…
Why is 40 dreaded? I'm sure that it was but for some reason I can seem to recall what it was.

Michele sent me.
T. said…
A new look for you?? Very nice. Michele sent me.
scrappintwinmom said…
What's wrong with 40? Please tell me before I get there. Michele sent me, as always!
Catheroo said…
Great tenant! Chatty is awesome.

Thanks for saying hi!
Duke sucks.
Linda said…
Michele sent me - Chatty sounds cool!
Wow, over 300 posts. I'm barely over 100 after well over a year. I'll go visit Chatty (I've been there before via Michele's). Michele sent me.
Jean-Luc Picard said…
Congrats on getting over 300 posts.

I'm a fan of Chatty myself, and have frequently seen her post.

Michele sent me this way.
PresentStorm said…
I love Chatty too ... I will hop pn over and pay her a visit!!

Have a great day ... here via Michele...
Courtney said…
I read Chatty everyday; she's great.
Here via Michele.
Chatty said…
I love Chatty too! LOL :) Thanks for the post! :)

For the record, I am not dreading forty!
jim said…
I kinda feel out of place but I couldn't help but wonder, readin the 'in-your-faceness' of the lesbian encounter,

did chatty want to be licked or not want to be licked?

Pardon me, I guess I am just slow.

Oh and yeah, where did you get all these women, that michelle must be somthing.
utenzi said…
Jim, Michelle is great but Michele is iffy. I'm pretty sure Chatty didn't want the licking.

Chatty, self love is very important. If nothing else, it keeps the fingers strong.

Thanks, PresentStorm & Captain Picard.

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