A few days ago I referred to Pint-glass bread in a post I wrote.

This weekend my girlfriend and I had a chance to make it and this post is about that process.

First of all, I read about the recipe in an article in Saveur Magazine, pictured off there above and to the right. The ingredients needed to make the bread are pictured to the left.

This is about the simplest bread recipe I've ever seen and definitely the easiest that I've actually made. Well, that we made. As you can see by the arms of my lovely assistant to the left--I was far from alone in this Irish Bread Adventure.

This picture is taken after the ingredients have been blended together by hand. There is no kneading nor rising steps. This recipe simply has you blend the ingredients and then bake it.

It's hard to go wrong when the recipe is that simple!

This is what the loaf we made looked like as soon as I hauled the thing out of the 375 degree oven. The recipe called for about 70 minutes but our bread was ready in 60 minutes--and that's when
we pulled it out.

The entire process from pulling the ingredients to removing the bread from the oven took less time than I've spend just proofing bread when I've made it from scratch before.

This is what the bread looks like after it's been opened up.

As you'd expect from the recipe, the bread taste very much like Irish Soda Bread. It's a little too bland for me but it was still fun to make and might be worth a little tweaking to give it a more robust taste.


Michelle said…
Sounds like Aussie damper, although the color is much darker.
Love that you two made this bread...It looks like it might be a bit 'heavy', as opposed to know what I mean? I've never made any kind of bread so I am in awe of you both!
Tara said…
It looks like it would be good with Spinach Dip. Am I right?
No_Newz said…
How weird! Lane 2 and I made that this weekend! She asked a few months ago about making homemade breads so we have been trying a new kind every weekend since. It's so much fun and yummy too. :)
Lois Lane
Uisce said…
I love bread so much. I would marry a loaf of bread if I could and we would have little bun babies. But alas, I would be too tempted to eat them, my children, all covered with butter, yum yum yum yum yum.
Oreo said…
MMMMM, looks GOOD. When Mom first got me, if she left a loaf of bread in reach of my sneaky paws I would rip it open......there is NO plastic on THAT bread....MMMMOOOOMMMM.
Michelle said…
That bread looks so good, and the recipe is hilarious! I'm very impressed that you made a loaf of bread without a breadmaker.

ps - Thanks for your comments at my blog. I knew you were a nice guy :)

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