The Amazing Race

I've been watching The Amazing Race since the first season--which I still think was the best one--and while last season's Family Edition was pretty bad, here I am again for the 9th season.

Talking about which season is best, which is your favorite? My second favorite was the 7th Season, the season in which Uchenna and Joyce won. They might have been the nicest team that was ever on the show. They most certainly were the nicest people that have won.

My favorite team of all wasn't nice though. I just loved watching Colin of the Colin/Christie team compete. He just was never going to say die--unless it involved eating ostrich eggs. LOL That was from the 5th season. The cutest contestant for me was Nancy, the Mom from the first season. She was just soooo nice!

But enough ancient history, let's talk about the current season. In a show of hands, who's glad that bitch Lisa lost tonight? I don't see how her sister Joni was able to keep from killing her. I'm sure there's a lot of people glad that the sister team lost out this week. I don't know if I could have taken another hour of Lisa's bellyaching about every little effin thing.

Bye Lisa. I don't miss you. Sorry, Joni--I wish she didn't drag you down with her.

Who's your favorite team this season folks? I like the geeks the most, David and Lori. Followed up by the hippies, BJ and Tyler. After that it's probably the older couple or the hispanic mother/daughter team. Most of the other teams I don't like to varying degrees. I think the next ones I want tossed off are the Frat Guys--but I suspect they'll be in the mix until near the end. Dammit.


Teresa said…
I can't believe you actually watched the show already! LOL

But more than that, I can't believe we are pretty much in agreement about this season. Something eerie is going on, my friend!

I never saw the first season. I meant to look for it on GSN but never remember and am not sure it was on. I think the one I like best was one you didn't watch. It was the ones with the male twins. I hated who ended up winning (I can't recall their names, but she was a real piece of work), but pretty much enjoyed the whole thing.

I also found the Family edition to be pretty lame. I always thought that a group edition would be fun, but in my vision of it, it would be a tag-team type thing where someone was the head of the group and they'd take someone different on each leg maybe after getting a hint as to what might be involved. The rest of the group would just be sent to the next pitstop in time for them to finish.
Anonymous said…
I loved Uchenna & Joyce. I was crying my eyes out when she cut her hair. (It's a girl thing!) I was so glad they won.

I don't quite have a favorite yet this season. Most everyone seems kind of annoying to some degree. The nerds are okay if they'd only stop kissing. Ack! The hippies are quirky but I don't think they represent San Francisco which is where I live (south of SF actually).

I'll have to see more episodes in order to pick my favorite. I tend to like teams that respect each other and have their act together.

My favorite team to hate was the one where that guy was having a meltdown in the mud with an ox. I don't remember his name or the season but man! I've seen better behavior on the playground. Of course, Jonathan was a complete schmuck. Victoria ought to leave him but only after running him over a few times with her car. >:)

I haven't seen last night's episode, it's on Tivo. The show moved to 10pm which is my daughter's bedtime and I promised not to watch it without her. It's not as much fun to watch without someone with whom to trash talk all the teams!
No_Newz said…
I haven't watched. The kids dragged me against my will to watch Idol this season. I hate to admit this but I think I could really like reality TV if I gave it a chance.
I hope your picks win.
Lois Lane
P.S. I loved your comments today! However, I think I am going to try a different way. Maybe a real live contest, where folks have to do more than just show up. Still thinking about it but I'll let you know.
Linda said…
I could never get into the "Race"...I'm not too big into reality TV...shows that make me cry are better, lol.

Saw you at Michele's and thought I'd check it out...LOVE your kitty title bar, by the way!
Tara said…
I was glad to see them go. Now the crazy dentist needs to take a hike.
I was laughing so much last night, because the sisters were exactly like what my mom and aunt would be like on that show.
Carson said…
This has nothing to do with AR. But I wanted to tell you that I quoted your bowl of oatmeal header on Monday. . .and then you changed it! I don't get by often, but I'm hoping to change that.
angela marie said…
Totally LOVE AR. But not that stinkin' family edition.

Those sisters! That one 'glass half-empty' chick drove me bonkers. Glad they're gone.

I want that sex-crazed nut gone. All they talked about were the women. Get over it.

utenzi said…
Angela, we're in complete agreement.

Carson, I had to look up your blog. You're Sophie's Sister! Hey there. I don't think I've been to your blog before. I don't remember the oatmeal header but that doesn't mean a lot. I forget lots of things.

Tara, I couldn't stand the dentist and his wife in the interview on the first episode but so far they haven't bothered me in the race. I'm sure that'll change in time. They both seem to have the potential to be real pills.
utenzi said…
Teresa, of course I watched the show. Anything for YOU! LOL Tht first season has run on GSN at least twice now. I missed 3 seasons of the show (2 - 4th) but have watched them now on GSN. The twins were very nice and a lot smarter than they looked. As was mentioned many times during the course of that season, I might add, usually by the twins themselves.

Sue, it must be a girl thing. It didn't affect me at all when she cut her hair. Joyce has such a beautiful face that even bald she really looked good. By the way, the guy that broke down with the ox is my favorite guy, Colin. He was one of the guys most people couldn't stand but I liked him a lot.

Regarding Jonathan, on the other hand, I side with the majority--he was a total shit. But I think Victoria was nearly as bad. She used Jonathan's bad behavior to mask her own nasty tendencies. They were quite the pair!

Lois, a live contest sounds... interesting.
Michelle said…
I loved Uchenna and Joyce too...gorgeous couple :o)

Thanks for spoiling it Dave....i just read those two Barbie dolls got voted off LOL!! It's on tonight, ah well, all i can say is go Geeks!! The hippie guys are funny, and i can't stand the dentist and his dumb wife...hope they are next kicked off!!
Michelle said…
OOpps. ps, when they get to Australia, look for me i promise to wave!!
stranger said…
i have to agree with you on many counts - i loved uchenna and joyce, i was so glad when they won. and the family season? totally blew. this season, i'm rootin for the hippies. they just seem like fun kinda guys. i was glad the sisters fell out early, i didn't care much for them. i'd like to see the redneck with a temper go next, and i also can't stand the frat boys. talk about full of yourself *rolls eyes*
netchick said…
Hmm, it really doesn't sound like I'm missing much by avoiding network television.

Hope all is well in Dave's world!
Plumkrazzee said…
I like the hippies best, and THEN the geeks. I can't stand the frat boys......ack.
Anonymous said…
RE: Jonathon & Victoria: So true, they are so right for each other!

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