Whale sighting

Holy Moly. The whale is me. I had intended on launching a low key weight loss thingy in March. What bodes ill about this is that today, on my way home from work, I stopped at Food Lion and dropped almost $100 on food. And people, if you don't know me here's a hint--when I spend a lot on food it's not on stuff that's good for me!

A few dozen bags of clearance Valentine's Day candy at the entrance of the store was the start. From there I went on a rampage with a green pepper and 2 bags of potatos being the only things not filled with chemicals. LOL

If you want frozen pizza, kid cereal, chocolate to the tune of 20 pounds, or soda--come on over!

I guess this means that I'm not committed to the concept of weight loss just yet. Maybe if I increase my level of activity instead of attacking the food consumption side. LOL After all, it's pretty easy to increase from nothing to something. Perhaps a little walk around campus at lunchtime...

I need my grass to start growing so that I can get that lawnmower out and start walking around with that thing again. It managed to hit 70 degrees today so that grass has got to be wondering if it's Spring. I know a lot of bulbs have come up already--and they're gonna have a nasty surprise no doubt. We're sure to have at least a few days of sub-freezing temperatures this month and who knows what March will bring.


Teresa said…
LOL. Just because you bought it, doesn't mean you have to eat it. You must know that, right? uh-huh.

Activity sould definitely help the weight issue, Dave. That's a given. And I'm a believer that some foods will be eaten if they are presentm others can be resisted (at least by me), just by knowing that I have them handy "just in case". I was just discussing this the other day. If I don't have a bag of chocolate, I'll be picking up candy bars every chance I get. It's a mental thing... maybe that's what's going on with you and 20 lbs of candy??? Maybe not....

I hope this doesn't mean that you aren't going to provide some insight into weight loss next month. Some of us could use the help.... (well, probably none of your other readers; just me. But I'm important too!)
utenzi said…
I think I might panic if all I had was 20 pounds of candy on hand, Teresa. Fortunately my stock isn't depleted nearly that much. I've got at least 8 pounds still left of Halloween clearance candy. Add to that this new stuff, just normal candy I had around plus some Christmas clearance chocolate and you have a pretty good amount of sugary goodness. I have a dry sink with nothing but candy stored in it.
Teresa said…
LOL. I REALLY want to live with you!

Actually, I thought you'd disposed of (eaten) all your snack food earlier this year, and had assumed that you'd given in and restocked. I guess I was misinformed!
utenzi said…
Ha! I have been informed by more than a few that living with me has more than its fair share of difficulties. Of course I don't believe it--but it has been said!
kristal said…
Chocolate and soda? I'll be right over!

Here via Michele.
kenju said…
How many calories does kayaking burn? When you can get on the lake again, maybe that will help. I need to do something to lose weight - but obviously I am not any more committed to it than you are.

I am scared about what the weather will be like in later Feb. and March. We will get paid back in spades for the niceness of yesterday and today!
srp said…
Here from Michele.
We have no soda. At least no REAL soda. Just diet soda for my mom who is diabetic. She started an antibiotic for an ear infection (Biaxin) and suddenly her blood sugar went to nothing... south.. down to 36 (should be between 80 - 140) ... much lower we would be in trouble. I gave her bread, hot chocolate with sugar, potatoes, crackers, bananas, every BAD CARB known to diabetics and I could barely get it up over 80. Normally this junk food would make it soar over 300. Finally found in the small print.. "A RARE side effect has been reported in a few (less than 10%) of diabetics: very low blood sugar." Well, there you have it. Got off the medicine. Back to normal. It would have been nice to have some REAL soda to help this along. Or at least that's what I tell myself. So, OK Mom, PUT DOWN THE TWINKIE! If I can't have soda to help you, get rid of the twinkies and stop baking to help me.
Lora said…
It sounds like the mere mention of the word diet has sent you on a mission to restock the junk food pantry. I remember reading somewhere that this is normal be havior and that people who plan to diet after beginning in a short period of time tend to pack on a couple extra pounds before the diet.

I have little self control and my husband has even less, so we fight to keep junk food and candy out of the house.

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