So what's the deal on that Superbowl? Several blow calls on the part of the officials. If you switch out that asinine call against the Seahawks in the first quarter and the touchdown by the Steelers that was obviously short you have a 17-14 game in which the Seahawks win.

I was expecting the Steelers to roll right over the Seahawks but that wasn't the game I saw at all. Hell, the Seahawks outplayed the Steelers early on then lost their way after those two bad calls. It's impossible to say what would have happened if the calls went right but it's certainly a shame that the Steelers can't claim a clean win. There were some very good plays in the game.

Speaking of shame--what was with the Rolling Stones' halftime show? That was the lamest I've ever seen them perform. Maybe they are ready to retire. That was the kind of show you'd do at a retirement home! **don't get too loud, granny needs her sleep!**

What did you think of the commercials? I suspect the favorite will turn out to be the Budweiser commercial with the Clydesdale colt pulling the wagon--with the help of a few adults. I only thought it was so-so but it did have the cute factor going for it.

Another one that'll probably be popular is the Hummer one where it's born from two monsters. I liked the end, but didn't like the commercial as a whole. It was too creepy. On the other hand, I liked the Dove Soap spot that was oriented towards better self esteem for girls but it went a little long and got preachy. A bit shorter and it'd have stayed at sensitive and that's a good thing.

I'll have to rewatch the spots tomorrow to decide which I liked the most.


angela marie said…
I must admit that I didn't really watch. It was on, but I wasn't paying attention. Besides, I really didn't want Holmgren to win (leftover anger from when he left us in Green Bay), but when he actually DID lose, I felt bad for him.

I'm such a sap.
Teresa said…
I'm planning to check the recording tonight... I'll comment then. I think I remember the Clydesdale one though. It was cute.
B said…

You can view some of the commercials you missed at the site above! You can even vote for your favorites.
sophie said…
My favorite was the Budweiser horses playing football and the shorn sheep "streaker." I didn't think (in general) the commercials were as good as some other years. Then, the game was actually close enough that I couldn't go to the bathroom during the game OR the commercials!
utenzi said…
I did like that sheep-streaker commercial. And I saw the Fed-Ex commercial today and that was really funny. The revolving refrigerator commercial was really cute.

I liked the first monkey spot--the one with the party in the conference room. It seemed very real to me. I've had bosses that ignored bad results and just spun them into good news even when it just wasn't good!
Helen said…
I loved the commercial where a guy is bragging about his cell phone to his buddy, telling him it has some some of anti-theft device. The other guy says something like "Really? How's that?" Then the dude whips it at him and it smacks him in the head. Very funny!
PS-Don't like or know much about football but seems the Steelers stole that game to me.
Tara said…
They won't show us the commercials in Canada, for some stupid reason. Even if we are watching US channels, they black them out. It's not like we can't go see them on the internet, lol.
But I don't watch football, anyway. And I thought the Stones were old Geezers when I was 10 years old. They need to retire. They have enough money.
rockyjay said…
Fixed. Has been for a while now.

The Superbowl is a billion dollar business for illegal gambling 'industry'. With that money you can fix anything. Even presidential elections in small countries...
Cyndi said…
Bingo on the Stones...the game was boring, the halftime show was worse.

The Budweiser commercials were my favorite. The colt...awwww! And the sheep streaker...LOL!

The Burger King commercial? Someone doesn't have a job today...that was drug-induced, for sure. Gads!

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