snow in North Carolina

Yes, that's snow you see in that picture. It really does snow down here.

On the other hand, it doesn't snow often and you sure don't see it sticking! Think about it, my neighbors in northern climes. There's still plenty of room for y'all down here. LOL

I took this picture a week ago. It was last Sunday and we had snow flurries for a few hours. Some stuck to parts of my roof and a good bit on my truck but the ground never got any accumulation. I wasn't upset--snow is pretty as Hell but still not worth keeping around. LOL

The reason I post this now is that while it's 3am on Sunday and still 50 degrees outside, we're supposed to have a high of 40 today which means the mercury is about to drop precipitously as a new front comes into town. We might be seeing more snow since there's several days of lows in the 20s for the week and possibly even in the high teens. Brrrrr!

This picture here is of my backyard a little earlier when it had just started snowing. No accumulations then, and no accumulation 3 hours later when I took the picture in the front yard. Gotta love it!


ribbiticus said…
what pretty pictures! you've got quite a nice spread, my friend! how beautiful it all must look all covered in snow! :)
My Lordy, this is pretty's like a snow that ens up looking like rain! How often does it do that???

It got very overcast here today and colled down a bit almost looked like it was going to rain...which they say it will be doing Sunday Night-Monday....But, they are rarely right about these things here...(LOL)

Here from Michele this early A.M., my dear Utenzi....
Viamarie said…
We don't have snow in my country. I am looking forward to our class grand reunion in Washington before the end of this year. I am a nurse and 25 out of 32 in our class are in the United States that is why they decided to hold it there.
Mike said…
We moved from Ohio to California a year and a half ago and I don't miss the snow and cold at all. If I want snow I can just drive up into the mountains.

Michele sent me.
Cat said…
I agree with you, snow is very pretty, but not worth sticking around!

Love your House!

Hello! Michelle sent me!
Carolyn said…
It's been spitting snow here this morning but now the sun is out (yay!!)

Great blog, Utenzi! Michele sent me :)
rashbre said…
Snow in NC? Quite unusual, I am sure.

When I have visited Charlotte and Raleigh, the overwhelming impression I had was of heat and quite some humidity.

Are you in another part of the State?

rashbre, in the UK
utenzi said…
Rashbre, I'm at my girlfriend's place right now which is just a few miles outside of Raleigh so you were near here. I live 50 miles away tho--towards Charlotte.

Carolyn, thanks! So far no snow here!

Cat, love your picture!
i so can't do snow..
Good think I live in Southern California

Over from the other Michele's
Kat said…
Right now I'm in Southern California. I've been avoiding the weather reports for NYC, dreading what I'll return to in a couple of days. I can't believe it's snowing in NC!
LilRed said…
Snow is great. Ice? Not so much. In Oklahoma, we can't seem to get one without the other. Great photo, by the way!

Here from Michele's!
poopie said…
Your north winds are whipping here in West Tennessee right now. Looks like warmer days ahead though......
Melissa said…
Snow that doesn't stick is the best thing about living in Texas, as well (well, other than the amazing rainstorms throughout the year).

What lovely pictures!

As to ice? I don't mind it so much. What I mind are the abundance of people on the road who don't know how to drive on it.
Uisce said…
good thing our vacation has taken us down here to south florida! :)
Michelle said…
Only snow i see comes in a snow globe :o)
Ciera said…
:P Sure rub it in! :P
Pardon me, but I don't see snow in those pictures. This is snow.

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