Republican humor?

Let's start off with a joke.

Question: What happens when two long standing Republicans go off into the brush, using their Constitutional right to bear arms, and one says to the other: You know, maybe we shouldn't be in Iraq after all?

Answer: Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter in Texas

Okay, that was a cheap shot. My apologies to Harry Whittington, who certainly didn't deserve to be hit with birdshot. Did that story remind any of you about that scene in The Wedding Crashers?

The thing I didn't like about that scene was that it was so cheap. It belonged in some dumb movie that just had silly sight gags. I suspect it was added at the last minute since it didn't fit in with the flow of the movie. Did anyone notice that the next morning, after having had birdshot cut out of his butt, the fellow sat down to a huge breakfast. Yes, he dropped his butt down hard onto a chair so he could eat--just hours after dozens of pellets were cut out of his flesh. That guy was tough as nails, huh?


I received my February electrical bill this weekend. How's that for an abrupt change of topic? LOL

I was really pleased at the amount. Despite all the media warnings about a huge increase in energy costs this winter, my price per kilowatt hour was just 10% over last years. And since January was so warm my actual bill was almost 45% lower than last year despite the slightly higher costs per kilowatt. As it stands, my combined Jan/Feb bills are over 35% less than last year. Hell, my February bill was just below the monthly average I paid in 2004 and 2005--and February was the most expensive month in those two years. If that trend keeps up, this might be a very inexpensive year for electricity in this area of the country.

Will the new slogan be: Global warming--saves money!


Yaeli said…
Surprise!!! I'm back!!!
Love the new look blog!!!
Will put a new post up on the blog sometime in the next few days, but just wanted to pop by and say HI!!! And I missed you too!
No_Newz said…
I'm a huge fan of global warming and lower utility bills, not to mention VPs shooting lawyers. :P
Lois Lane
Michelle said…
Which is why Australia has NO Bill of Rights :)

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