I think I'll take a moment to do some complaining. Stephanie's weekly rant posts struck me as a good idea so here's my rant-post.

Actually it's more of a complaining session. It'll focus on the idea: what don't you like in other blogs?

Personally there's a few things that annoy me and a few that just piss me off. For example, I hate it when the entire post isn't in front of you. It's very rare that I'll hit one of those "click here to read more". I feel like Andy Rooney, on 60 Minutes, when I see one of those. That fellow sure likes to complain! And I bet he'd say something like: I wanted to read more until you made me hit that damn button. I'm not going to do it just because you told me to. Either have the words there or don't. There's no excuse to tease your readers.

Probably the thing I HATE the most is when there's some annoying song or video playing when you load the blog. Why do these people advertise their lousy taste in music to the entire world? And why do I have to pay the price in slow loading times and my loss of bandwidth? People--there's no reason to have music videos in your sidebars! No reason at all. None.

I also really hate it when the blog designer uses really small fonts. I admit that I've had that complaint lodged against me twice since I redesigned my blog last week and my font is a lot bigger than some blogs out there. However I might make my font size one point bigger once I widen my header 50 pixels or so. Right now my column is too narrow for a larger font. I can't fit in enough words as it is.

I also don't like it when I see pictures of people smoking. Ick! I'm not saying that people shouldn't post the pictures--I'm not advocating censorship here--I'm just saying I don't like seeing them. Personal preference here, don't attack me! Some of my favorite people are chain smokers (Hi Steph). Or like Bill the Cat would say: ack! ack!

Another thing I'm not too fond of is the color purple. Unfortunately it's the favorite color of both my girlfriend and my mother. But do I have to see it prominently displayed in so many blogs? I think it must be one of those girl-things. Like putting crap on your eyelids and complaining about men. I just have to accept it...but not without complaining!

That's it for the moment so now it's your turn. What don't you like? There's a lot out there in blog-land to complain about!

**Upcoming post : tomorrow I'll be reviewing my tenant's site: Adventures in Cyberia. It's taking me a while to go through the tenant blog since I've never played SIMs and the blog's largely based on an ongoing saga of that game as applied to the individuals running the site**


Teresa said…
I don't know, Dave... you do that too. I'm referring to providing a link and only commenting on a sentence or two of whatever is at that link. It doesn't bother me. I usually don't click the link either though.

But that phenomenum is prevalent these days. I will hear a teaser for some story on the news and they'll spend 10 seconds mentioning something and then say, "If you'd like more information, go to our website and click "whatever", then "whatever", then "whatever". Honestly, I'm watching the news to get the story. I really don't want to traverse a website into several sub-areas to find out what they are supposed to be telling me!

So, even though this is YOUR rant, I appreciate the opportunity to rant too. ;-)
utenzi said…
I understand what you mean, Teresa but that's not what I was referring to in my post. I was talking about blogs that have a paragraph on the main page and then to read more of that post you have to hit a button. It's just like stories in a newspaper on page one being continued inside. Not many blogs do this, but it always annoys me when I encounter it.
mar said…
Music videos bother me because of the required timein loading the site. If I want to see them, I turn mtv on... Small font is however what bothers me the most! I know I am older and need my glasses, but I have skipped sites just because of the tiny writing. Or the tiny font for comments as well.
By the way, I don't have "read more" because a) never have much to say and b)still don't know how to do it in blogger (lol). Just stopping by to say hello.
Chas Ravndal said…
well it's okay to put music on your sidebar if it's auto off and allows the readers the liberty to check it out! Anyways, most of my music on my sidebar is for the gay fans. hehehehe
Michelle said…
Lots of bells and whistles, like video's, music, ton's of gifs and flashing lights. Takes me forever to download.
Viamarie said…
For me, this style does not bother me.

Enjoy the rest of the week!
kenju said…
Utenzi, I also hate music that plays automatically, fonts that are too small, backgrounds too dark for the font color.

The photo I posted today has a guy with a cigarette in it - so don't come over today!
Slick new template man!
Aaron said…
I'm not a big fan of people who use song lyrics as blog posts. Without the music, they're just not that good.
magz said…
Hi Hunny! AWESOME new look here, and nonono, not too cutesy, Cat and You both project macho relaxation, sexy!

Unfortunately, with my lousy slow dialup ISP it took 6 minutes to load comepletely, but that's my bad, not yers. I'm so slow I CANT see streaming video or listen to streaming radio, so I agree on the 'dont go there blogwise PLEASE'

Smoochos from yer smokin pal, (tho the only cigarette pix I've done are of me, and Antonio Banderas, and far as THAT goes, he can stubb his cute little butt in my bedside ashtray ANYTIME!)
ShutteredEye said…
Really bad grammar gets under my skin very quickly.

I had the misfortune of landing on a site that had 18 different reviews of 18 different songs. Unfortunately, the were ALL playing in the background. The cacophany was almost humorous!! Except for the part where it sucked.
Uisce said…
I sometimes do the "click for more" thing and it's so that you can see more than one post. I don't like seeing long long long posts. Seems like a waste of the screen. I guess not everyone feels the way I do!
Sue said…
For me it's cats, I hate seeing pictures of cats....just kidding!! I love cats! I'm a sucker for cats.

I discovered your blog through Tara at Coffee Crochet and just want to say that I enjoy reading it.
True, there're some annoying and kinda tasteless stuff out there that I don't care for. I'm in agreement with you on all your points. However, it's their blog and they can do what they want. But, if it's really annoying me, I probably won't visit that blog too often. So a smart blogger should stay away from stuff that would turn off their readers. After all, we do want readers, don't we?
sophie said…
I agree with Aaron about the music lyrics.

In addition to the other things (especially the music when the page loads!!!!!!!!) I don't like it when a blog has a million blinky buttons and stuff. I also don't like one meme or quiz after another. Once in a while is fine, but I read to learn about what is inside the blogger's head....experiences, opinions, and yes.....rants.
zandperl said…
Unrelated to current discussion:
Don't forget to update your thumbnail on BE sometime.
Dramedy Girl said…
Hey David, thanks for visiting my blog -- even if it is purple (your girlfriend and mother have good taste!). LOL

I agree about the music videos. I have cable internet so I'm not worried about the loading, but I just don't like the annoyance of it.

My biggest pet peeve is the images or words that swirl around and follow my arrow as I scroll through a blog. Ugh.
One thing I can't stand is when the text is like two shades lighter than the dark background cover. Ugh. I don't need to feel old before my time. Thank you.
archshrk said…
I must admit that I use the "more" option from time to time but that's because I hate seeing really long post filling up the page. I however us a modified version which "expands" the post within the same page. I think it's a nice compromise (check it out)
Electric Short said…
you wont find any purple in my blog .....
The Cryer said…
Nice new look, Utenzi!

There are a handful of blog trends out there that I'm not crazy about. Advertising in between posts (instead of sidebars), posting nothing but memes (instead of original writing) and I'm right with you on the music thing.

Michele sent me, Cheers!
ROFLMAO!! Hmmmmm....I'm starting to feel a bit picked on here :D Purple blog - check. Chain smoker - check. Videos in sidebar - check. Read more posts - only one in the entire blog.

Actually I think we are even there...you don't like purple, and I've begun referring to your blog as "baby poop yellow" colored :D (no offense!! Just teasing you a bit here).

I think your font size is just fine though. It's easy on the eyes, and if you made it smaller it would definitely be "too small".

Well at least I don't post pictures of my chain smoking, and my video doesn't auto-play *grin* Not gonna change the purple though!! {hugs} Just close your eyes and think green or yellow!
Ciera said…
Wow...you don't like purple...and still you come to my blog anyway. Glad you can stomach it!!!

ps - the too small font thing irritates me too, and so I try to make sure mine is big enough to be read.
Carmi said…
Andy Rooney is my idol. Whenever I pick up a pen and rant, I think of him. He defines old codger, and I want to write just like him.

Happy sigh.
Lora said…
I totaly agree about the music and videos. It usually makes me jump out of my chair.

I hate it when people have no thought about text color, background color and readability. To be honest it somebody uses bright text color for the whole post I usually just skip it.

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