Jeremy C. Shipp

I think this is going to be the last time I host a Tenant for a while. I almost didn't advertise this time but once again I fell victim to the siren song of those easy credits. LOL Not that you can really do anything with those credits once you get them. Just play more battles on Battles of the Blogs. And that's what I do with them.

Anyway, my new client runs the blog Haunted House Dressing. His name is Jeremy C. Shipp and he's a published author with this being his official website.

To the left is art from the featured artist on Shipp's site this week. It seems very appropriate for St. Valentine's Day. The person in the drawing is willing to give up their heart. Literally. I guess we've all thought our heart was being torn out from time to time--I guess Morten Bok was trying to illustrate that idea. It's an arresting piece!

Jeremy's got such a pretty site and so much original content that he's great to visit. However after reading a lot of that content I'm quite puzzled as how to proceed.

Haunted House Dressing really covers a lot of territory. It's got poetry and short fiction by Jeremy as well as many essays. In one, The State of American Foods, written in mid-October he really lambastes the food industry in the US and even compares their products to intentional genocide. A bit strong, perhaps, but it shows how Jeremy is quite willing to make a statement!

Each week there's a profile of an artist. This week is Morten Bak, aka ketchup-suicide, a 25 year-old resident of Denmark and a multi-faceted artist. Definitely worth a look. His use of colors--even that dreaded purple color!--is sparse but very effective. Probably more so since so many of his works only have a few splashes of color. Often red.

And of course there's the photo / comic strip Recycled which Jeremy does himself. The picture at the side are taken from the photostrip. Quite unusual, huh?

Again, a picture taken that can be used with Saint Valentine's Day. Pumpkin loves the moldy banana but the banana just says goodbye. It just brings you back to that picture at the top of the post--where the heart is being offered. *sniff, sniff*


~A~ said…
Hi, Michele sent me.

I'll have to go back and visit Haunted House Dressing later on when I have a bit more time, but the bit I read caught my attention.
jac said…
ok some of that is just sorta freaky to me... freaky as in stirs up uncomfortable feelings.. spooky... but once you look beyond the shock factor, there is quite a lot to be learned.
i'm checking this stuff out!
here from michele's!
I'll make sure to check out your tenant. He sounds pretty interesting. But not as interesting as YOU Utenzi! Michele sent me over here today, but I would have come over on my own anyhow!
Uisce said…
Reminds me of an episode of a crime show I've been watching!
Michael Manning said…
Utenzi: I've noticed more and more rentals. Creative but I'll just keep my place. Have a great weekend!
margalit said…
I haven't really gotten the whole rental thing. I know people that do it, but I don't know exactly why. I don't do battle of the blogs either. I think I'm a loser in the competitive blogging thing. I tend to fly solo more than join groups anyhow.

Here via Michele
Hey Utenzi!

It's a new look since last I was here...I like it! I liked the old look, too, but this is quite unusual and easy on the eyes as well...

About those furry cuttings on my blog....This is how they look when they are older and being up very high, too...I think it's a sun protection thing....and also, the more it flowers the furrier they get....Amazing plants aren't they?

I have never understood the 'rental business'...and these points or credits..For What, pray tell? If you can explain it to me, I'd appreciate it very much, my dear...
And I forgot to say...that little sleeping cat person is ADORABLE!!!
vanx said…

I'm a Michele person.
I really like your blog. I've earmarked it and will come back. I will also spend some time at Haunted House Dressing. Glad to meet ya.
deana said…
Hi from Michele. Your tenant seems a little spooky.
Stopping by to say hello via Michele's. Thanks for visiting me last night...Will check out your tenant :)
jude said…
nice blog template... I'll have to check out the tennants now... here via michele's
sassyassy said…
That artwork gives me the creepy crawlies...reminds me of a very bad horror film from the 70's...of course, I was a mere babe in the 70's.

You do seem to entertain some interesting sites. I am headed for Cyberia in a make an adorable Professor-like character.
Helen said…
Good choice! Jeremy's a good guy!
Lisa said…
Hi... Interesting post. That site is certainly all decked out, isn't it?

I have to say that I don't care much for your favorite pet! The rest is lovely.

Thanks for visiting my site!
Oreo said…
Hey now, if you're just using credits that way to get rid of them, you can always transfer them to me!! :)

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