An Apple a Day

The old adage, an Apple a day keeps the doctor away, insinuates that apples are good for you. I might try that idea out soon. So many of the kids on campus have the Apple iPods that I see them all the time and I've been quite curious about them. Now that the prices are so low, it's getting hard to resist buying one.

NEW YORK ( - Apple Computer unveiled a lower-priced iPod nano Tuesday and said it will sell shows from Showtime Networks on its iTunes Music Store.

The 1GB version of the iPod nano, which sells for $149, comes in black and white and holds up to 240 songs or 15,000 photos, the company said in a statement.

The 1GB iPod nano sells for $149.

The 1GB iPod nano is the same size as the other iPod nano models, which are designed for ultra-portability.

Apple (Research) also announced new pricing for its iPod shuffle, with the 512MB model costing $69 and the 1GB model priced at $99.

In a separate statement, Apple said that it will sell television shows from Showtime Networks, including "Fat Actress" and "Weeds," on its iTunes Music Store.

Apple's iTunes has more than 50 TV shows available for viewing on a computer or iPod for $1.99 an episode, the company said.

I'm not sure if I'll go for the Shuffle or the Nano but either way, they certainly seem like bargains now. The 1 gig Shuffle seems ideal to me since I really don't need that fancy menu on the iPod--of course what's an extra $50?

I don't have any interest in the downloading of video but being able to move pictures about on one would be nice. I'd probably stick to having music on it tho--I have a USB key for moving pictures and other files between computers.

By the way, in the press release it mentions the Showtime program "Fat Actress". Have any of you seen it? I saw the first 3 episodes last year and was appalled at how poor the writing was--yet the reviews of the show were glowing. Kirstie Alley sucks at acting but she also seems to always have gotten good press. I don't get it. All she does is whine! From the time she was on Cheers to now. Whine, whine, whine! Maybe there should be a rule that Scientologists shouldn't be allowed to be on screen...


srp said…
Here from Michele today.
My daughter got one from her dad for Christmas a couple of years ago. She loves it. Gee, I wish I had bought some Apple stock when it hit its low in 1999 at $11 a share. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
margalit said…
I have a second gen Ipod mini and I love it, but it has broken. The IPOD store does fix them, but they're more fragile than you might think. I'd get a Nano before I'd go for a shuffle. But if you can afford a bit more, the mini is the way to go. You can put so much music on that thing. I've got my stuff, my kids have their stuff, and it all fits great.

Oh, get a diffent set of headphones. Don't go for the white earpods. They're too loud and can damage your ears, and they let people know you've got something worth stealing.

here via michele.
Michelle said…
Have to agree, don't get the shuffle. I had one, ended up giving it to my daughter, it really was very basic. I bought myself a completely diff brand, it also has photos...voice radio etc.
Hey Utenzi, my dear...
Here from Michele tonight...Before I wax on about Fat Actress, I wanted to tell you I FINALLY have a Blogrolly thingy and you are on it!!! Hooray!

Okay...Kirstie Alley...and "FAT ACTRESS" is a 'reality' show...HA HA HA HA HA! So, there's pretty much no writing as we understand it...if you get my drift.....And of course, it won't be renewed unless they start calling it "Getting Thinner Every Minute-Actress"...I thought most of it was pretty stupid...but there is something about KA...she can laugh at herself..(Not on THAT show, but on talk shows...I mean) And that is appealing ...She doesn't seem to take herself too seriously, you know? It always amazes me that actors and or actresses and entertainers in general can turn their pain and their craziness and whatever into a "Career" it's writing a book like.."I Was Addicted To Crack When I Wrote My Previous Book"...or..."I Am A Recovering Alcaholic, And I Was Lying When I Said I Gave It Up Before"

So they turn all their human frailty's into Big Bucks! How does that happen, pray tell...? When us regular folks cannot get anything but...literally--Arrested!

I'll stop now...My last word on this subject tonight is" OY!
Well...Michele sent me right back because she knew I wasn't finished ragging on "Fat Actress"....And another thing...there were only 6 episodes! Since when do SIX Episodes make a series????
Do you remember the days when there were 32 episodes in a season of a show??? THAT was a series!

Give Me A Break!

Oh, I feel so much better now, Utenzi! (lol)
Jeff said…
Glad to see your a mac fan... They are the best and darn PC users dont know what there missing. You'll never hear them say that about a PC.

Michele sent me
chelle said…
I love Apple's!!
Our household has 3 Ipods!! We are addicted!
I would suggest buying the Nano..A little more money for way more fun. We have a shuffle and it is great but very limited.

Once you go Apple you never go back!!
Michele sent me!!
No_Newz said…
The writing is terrible but I like Kirstie Alley. (in my whiniest voice) So stop making fun of her you big meanie head.
Have a great weekend!
Lois Lane
Malinda777 said…
My kid got one for Christmas. He loves it!

Here from Michele
jude said…
To get me familiar with the whole digital music thing, my wife bought me the 512 shuffle. It is a good low cost way to get into it. I figure if I get into enough, I can upgrade and keep the shuffle for the kids or my wife!! If you keep your music on your PC, and just want to take some music with you to listen to on random play, the shuffle is great. If you are looking for something to hold all your music, then upgrade to the nano.
Maggie said…
Via Michele:
I've been waiting for the prie to go down and ll the bugs to be fixed b4 i buy one . I guess now is the time.
Have a great weekend.
Rene said…
My dh got me a mini-iPod for my birthday (pink of course). I love it although I dropped the darn thing and broke the display. It still plays fine but I have a hard time reading it. I like iTunes as well.

Had no interest in "Fat Actress," it looked too stupid. I do like Showtime's "Masters of Horror" series.

Here via Michele.
Shannon said…
here from micheles!
I have an i-pod nano, love to work out with.
Clicked on the picture of your house, and it is soooooo cute!
netchick said…
Well, I for one, will be buying a new iPod 60gig, and giving M my 40gig -- I HEART my iPod! I want to get the rest of my cds (Man, I have a lot) on my new machine, and then, TURF the cds. (While, backing up the iPods, of course)

Thanks for the sweet comments on mine, and Michael's site today, Dave!
PresentStorm said…
I am really starting to want an ipod as well...

haven't seen the show either.Although I did see a clip of it when she was on Oprah...

Here via Michele :)
Carmi said…
Our company bought us all Shuffles for Christmas. I'm partial to the Shuffle because there's less to break on it. No fragile screen, and all.

I think about the life that my Shuffle lives: shoved into the music player pocket in my knap sack, buried deep in my trench coat pocket, tossed onto the desk alongside my keys...a nano wouldn't survive nearly as elegantly.
I'm anti-ipod and anything dealing with i-tunes.

I like my 5 GB Zen Micro from Creative Labs. More space than the nano and cheaper too.

here via Michele's.
Thomas Siefert said…
I got an iPod 40GB and I am very with it. But if I where to buy something now I would go for a Sony or a Creative Labs.
Shane said…
Would you like a free stress test?

that was my scientologist impression.

michele sent me

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