Sunday thoughts

The snake naming contest I mentioned yesterday was over last night. Pandora was the winning name. I still like Mousebane more but that might be a bit too much name for a little snake to live up to. Like that Johnny Cash song, A Boy Named Sue, y'know? We don't want that Corn Snake trying to track down its namer years from now seeking revenge!

Well, I grew up quick and I grew up mean,
My fist got hard and my wits got keen,
I'd roam from town to town to hide my shame.
But I made a vow to the moon and stars
That I'd search the honky-tonks and bars
And kill that man who gave me that awful name.

I didn't get diddley-squat done this weekend. I spent way too much time sleeping with a little reading and eating mixed in.

Goals for the upcoming week?

  • I desperately need a haircut
  • winterize mowers by running their tanks empty
  • burn some dried limbs that I trimmed from some shrubs a while back
  • reorganize kitchen shelves now that my junk foods and soda are gone--which has opened up a lot of space
  • buy digital camera to replace my current quirky one (has been dunked in water a few times)
  • Return two DVDs to Walmart and get new ones (they're the right movies but in standard rather than widescreen format)
  • Get caught up with my accounting stuff at work--it's the part of my job that I put off the most
So, what are the things you folk are going to do this week?


Lisa said…
I plan on working Monday and Tuesday, but then my big plan on Wednesday is to win the lottery, so I'm pretty much open the rest of the week!!
Lish said…
I have some things to return as well. I also have to take my Christmas decorations. I leave them up every year until today. I'm also starting triathlon training this week. Joy!
Teresa said…
I too spent most of the weekend in bed -- sleeping. So, I've got a few things that need doing this week that I probably should have (well, that I did plan to do) done this weekend. I have to straighten out my checkbook and pay some bills, do some grocery shopping (the cubbards are bare) and actually get a bath (okay, that's a task to complete in the next few hours but technically the weekend is over now. LOL).

I'm glad you got the chance to use those bullets, Dave. :-)
netchick said…
Well, let's see! I plan on exploring beautiful Provence this week before making my way up to... SWEDEN! :)

I'm having a great trip. Blog post to come shortly, updating everyone on my adventures from the past two weeks, and the upcoming 8 days.

I'm looking forward to getting home, now!
Uisce said…
oh I hate when I get the standard format by mistake. why do they even make movies that way? I know why... my kids don't like the letterbox bars. sheesh.
Tara said…
Oh my, my week will be busy. I have to clean. And then clean some more. Then make some food for my family. Then continue cleaning. I also have to take down my Xmas tree, go to the dump with leftover Xmas garbage, organize my yarn (eeek), watch political debates and list some crap on Ebay that my husband's aunt gave me to sell for her. Busy busy busy.
And yet....I am sitting here on the computer. Funny, ain't it?
Oh, and I am here from Michele's today, because the alphabetical blogroll game was at "U".
No_Newz said…
You really want to know? Stupid week! Okay, today I have a lunch meeting about a job that I really don't want, with some lady I don't know. Tomorrow I submit to drug testing (read pee in a cup only to find out I should be on a lot of drugs). Wed. is the fart around all day, day. Unless something stupid stops me from doing so. (read, unless I get that job I don't want) Thur. offers hope as I have an interview with a guy from the railroad for an upcoming story. Fri. the old man is expected back home and that part of my week is censored. ;)
Hope yours is much more thrilling.
Lois Lane
Karen said…
Hi there Utenzi! I picked you from Michele's blogroll because, well, you're the most interesting U blog!

Hope you have a great week!
poopie said…
I'm bloggin' all day today! Then, I'm gonna take a nap with the dogs.
I LOVE the name Pandora for a snake! :-) It's so fitting.

The WEEK? Geeze....I try and take it one day at a time....Ummm....BLOG. Clean. Shop. Run rugrats to all THEIR activities. Go to the chiropractor 3 different days.

OK Untenzi, you've helped depress me. ;-) Hope it is a good one for you!

Hey Dave :) Sorry I haven't been around much the past 2 days - I've been busy as heck over here and have barely been able to sit down at my computer LOL Thanks for the promo of my contest, and for mentioning me so much!!

This week I hope to get my incense room cleaned and organized as it's wreck right now, I hope to clean my house, finish knitting a scarf I started on, read the book I started, get a bunch of items for my store made and added to my site, and do the dishes.

All this in between my 5 therapy appointments for the week, paying the bills, getting my new cat spayed, and working on several of my sites. Loads of fun for me :D

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