a Sunday hike

It was a peaceful and fairly warm Sunday afternoon when my girlfriend and I decided to take a walk in a nearby park.

This was last week so in a way we were starting off the New Year in a good way.

The day before we'd had quite a bit to eat at a brunch for her kids with her ex-husband in attendance along with his current romantic interest. A few hours of eating, talking, and best of all several pitchers of mimosas. Who would guess that OJ could be THAT good!

Sunday was a day to make up for all that food and drink. Walking and talking along pine needle carpets with a vista of the lovely trees above and marshy hollows below.

I think in this picture my girlfriend was trying to decide whether she should walk up all those steps or just spend the night there.

I was half expecting her to send me out for a sleeping bag but instead she surprised me by zipping up the path, hopping from step to step in almost total abandon. I, on the other hand, followed with a more leisurely pace.

The terrain in this park moves up and down quite a bit since it follows the bluffs above a small stream. At one time it was quite a river, as the large bluffs left behind attest.

While the terrain is rough, the actual path is well tended and quite easy to follow. Which is just as well since my legs aren't as young as they used to be!

I took this picture just to show everyone how silly this tree is. Can you imagine letting every Tom, Dick & Harry that comes around to see between your legs like that? What a hussy of a tree!

Seriously, it's amazing that the tree could live after being devastated like that. At one point nothing but the bark on one side must have been living--and yet the tree started over and now there's a sturdy, albeit awkward looking, sapling growing there.

I love that picture below. I'm thinking of using it as my desktop wallpaper for a while. There's something about the grays and blues and the stretched out tree limbs that just appeals to me...


MissMeliss said…
OJ in the dead of winter always seems like sunshine in a glass, to me. I love your pictures, by the way.
LMAO!! That picture of the tree flashing the camera is too funny :D Nice choice for a photo op ;) Man, the way you take pictures reminds me sooo much of my husband. He loves taking pictures of nature, trees, clouds, grass...that kind of thing. I poke fun at him because of it, but in all seriousness both you and him have a real talent with photography. Me - I can barely get a picture to come out in focus lol
manzkee said…
Nice pics you've got here.
Utopia said…
I agree with Stephanie. You do take great pictures; they have such well-placed content (usually!). Butwhat impresses me even more is the way you tell a story around so many of them!

Just think of the coffee table book you could create! Pictures with narrative! Or a book illustrated with your pictures!

Go Utenzi!
Lisa said…
Looks like a lovely hike. The composition of your photographs is always so spot-on. Have you had classes, or just a good eye? That sapling is the weirdest little tree I've ever seen. "She's" certainly not shy, is she!! lol
kenju said…
I like that photo too, Utenzi, but I just downloaded a sunset pic from Paul Sveda that is to die for.

That tree is a testament to perseverance!
No_Newz said…
Thanks for sharing your walk with us. Slutty trees and all. :)
Lois Lane
Michelle said…
I love the bottom photo too. It reminds me of lots of tiny veins.
What a beautiful hike that was Utenzi! And I love that last photo too.

Mimosa's are the best! Serve w/eggs benedict and you have my favorite Sunday morning brunch! Glad you had a lovely New Years.

I love those kind of hazy days.
Diane Mandy said…
Great photos, Utenzi! And mimosas for brunch are the only way to have brunch. Yummy!
craziequeen said…
That last one would make an excellent jigsaw! :-)

here from Michele - this time
Carmi said…
If you ever get out of research, you can always shoot for a living. You have such an incredible eye for unconventional beauty.
Tammy said…
Gorgeous pictures. Looks like a beautiful place to take a walk. Amd as I'm typing this, I can see the recipe on the post below...looks yummy!
Lish said…
She took the stairs that fast to get them over with. I would have sent you for the sleeping bag.

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