My week with Stephanie is nearing the end. Time has just flown by! I'm not sure why--maybe it's the lovely smile on her picture, that sexy red hair, or perhaps just how interesting her life story is--but it's really going to be hard to see her go.

As a way of letting go, I think I'll give a summary of what's happened on her blog this week. Yeah! That's what I'll do.

Stephanie's started a few new things for her blog. I think they're going to be fairly regular features--maybe weekly. One thing, started last Wednesday, is reviewing blogs that she finds particularly interesting. This past week was Almost an Angel, a site run by Dariana. Be warned tho--the site doesn't look good in Firefox.

On Thursday and Friday Stephanie ran posts about news. First there was a summary of "weird news from around the world" and some of it was VERY weird. Then the next day was the summary of some of the noteworthy events of 2005.

Two more posts that seem to be starting weekly posts are one where Stephanie requests pictures to be submitted for a picture of the week post. She started off with a picture taken through her kaleidoscope, seen to the left.

The second is a "Kudos" post where she's going to regularly give thanks, and allow readers to submit their ideas also, to people, things, or events that we're thankful for.

And today Stephanie posted about several of the products that she sells on her commercial site. The two mentioned today were a macrame hair wrap and her fragrant soap, pictured near the top of this post. I'd never heard of the hair wrap item before but maybe that's just because I'm a guy. In any case, Stephanie gives a little history on the hair wraps in her post.


Helen said…
Ha! I just ordered some of these from her site about an hour ago. Can't wait to them!
Happy New Year!
zandperl said…
Aw man, I didn't see that it was you that took my Battle challenge! :-P Well, better to lose to you than a mom-blog or a raving conservative! ;)
utenzi said…
ZP, yeah, I was a dick. I changed my blog from "personal diary" to "science" just because the post that day was science oriented. It's unfair to compete with one science post against someone like you that only has science posts.

Helen, great! I need to go there and get something also. Maybe one of those hair things. Mine is getting so long I could probably use it.
Lisa said…
I've enjoyed Stephanie's site as well. Good pick!! She has some great stuff over there. I need to go spend money...

hey.. and thanks for adding me to your list!! Better late then never, right? ;-)
utenzi said…
You're just too beautiful to ignore, Lisa. And since your ex-boyfriend has started to work with you, your blog is getting very interesting. LOL
Stephanie said…
Utenzi, Utenzi, Utenzi...

I'm running out of unique and interesting ways to say "thank you" here :( Maybe I should learn to say Thank You in other languages, then I can reply with "Domo Arigato" and "Merci Beaucoup" :) Oh the heck with it, here's a list of the word "Thank you in 465 languages" That about fits the bill ;)

You really are the best landlord in the of right now we only have 1 hour left *cry* - and I would gladly rent from you forever if you would let me :D

You are just a really great guy, and I'm glad I met you and your blog :)

{Okay, I take part of that back. You are a 99.9999% great guy. The other .00001% is a nasty person who changed the comments to only allow blogger accounts to post comments! :P lol)
utenzi said…
You're very welcome, Stephanie. Like I said on your blog, your numbers are better than any other tenant I've had. I ascribe that to you and your content, not my writeups.

As for me being a great guy--maybe 50%, at best. But I think all folk can comment, not just Blogger accounts. I do have Comment Moderation switched on now tho.
Stephanie said…
Well I bid again cause I couldn't help myself, but if you want to deny my bid to give room to a new person, I will understand lol's only letting me post a comment if I log into my blogger account. That's okay, I have a blogger account, but I never use it lol

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