name that snake!

Here's a contest for y'all. Stephanie, over at Mystickal Incense & More wants to name her snake.

That's the fellow there at the left. Actually 'fellow' is just assumed--the gender isn't known so feel free to name it anyway you like.

The winner of the contest will receive a $10 gift certificate to Stephanie's online store at Mystickal Incense & More. It's good for anything in the store. And also there's a $5 gift certificate for the winner!

All that for naming her snake!

The one I like best so far was suggested by someone else unfortunately. Mousebane. I just like the warrior aspect of the name--it seems very snake-like too.


Came over to say hello....
From Michele's
margalit said…
I know nothing about snakes other than I don't ever want one in my house, pet or otherwise, but if I were to name this particular snake, I'd go for Cora because she looks Coral. Of course I KNOW she's not a coral snake, but she still looks coral colored. Whatever!

Michele sent me.
You could name him Draco, Slither,

lol...we have a snake named Ricky at my house.
kenju said…
Hi, U, thanks for the visit. I read Stephanie's post and left a message there. Thanks for the tip.
craziequeen said…
I like Stephanie - thanks for introducing us :-)


here from Michele
Teresa said…
I make it a policy to never name something you don't intend to keep, so I'll pass on this one. Once I name it, it'll probably be mine! The thought! {shudder}
Chas Ravndal said…
i will name that snake sassy!
utenzi said…
Chas, I think Sassy is a great name for a snake. Good thinking.

Teresa, come on. You NEED a snake in your life.

CQ, no problem. Introductions are free!

Judy, thanks for visiting with me--and Stephanie.

Gina, I hope that's not your Dad's name!
Pearl said…
Hm, Coral, (pronoucned Klingon if it turns out to be male), Laithe, Sladey, Palperus, Seneborn, ...

Michele sent me and I got to see a pretty snake. :-)
Hope said…
Hiss, is a good snake name. But, you figure people are just going to say OMG when they see you have a snake so Ohemgee might work.
panthergirl said…
I love Mousebane! That's a great one.

Hmmm.... I'll have to give this some thought!

Here by way of michele today!
Beanhead said…
Hi from Michele's

Sory no ideas for the name...:(
Thumper said…
Name it "Here Kitty Kitty..." ;)
You're up too?

Michele sent me today.

How about: Ssss-sss-sammyy, the Ssss-snake?
Michele sent me, but I wanted to come back to ask: did I win yet?

And also, after the revolution, snakes will be restored to their rightful and honorable place in society. sss--sss--s
Jean-Luc Picard said…
How about Slinky?

Michele sent me here.
mar said…
I don't like snakes...because they don't like me. Call her by her name, maybe Serpiente? Schlange?
magz said…
TheeeThill. He'th too thmall to be a mouthbane....
Lisa said…
GAH! I think I'd name it "Creepy".

Or Tread Mark.

I agree that Mousebane is good, if we have to be serious. :-)
How about Rupert?
I have no idea's just the first name that came into my thoughts!

I'm here from Michele today Utenzi...and Happy Yo Be Here!
WendyWings said…
I would call it eeek go away !
Michele sent me,sorry there are NO snakes in New Zealand, I have no suggestions lol.
Sandy said…
I'm so very much not a snake person, but I've always thought it'd be cute to name one "Cuddles." ;)

Here via Michele tonight.
Dak-Ind said…
greetings from michele!

although i like mousebane, he looks like he might need to grow into that name!

now i am off to offer a name of my own
surcie said…
Call it Heebee Jeebee. (Snakes give me the heebee jeebeez.) Or Willy. (They give me the willies, too.)
I was never very creative when I named my corn snakes when I was a kid. I had one called Red and another called Big Red.

My brother was a little better, he called his Jake Cutter (I think after the main character from the Golden Monkey).

Anyway, I think Mousebane is great.

Michele sent me.

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