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It's been a few weeks since I've written an update about Stephanie Davies. Once again she's my tenant at Blog Explosion and her points are allowing me to fight battles on Battle of the Blogs.

Since the last time I mentioned Stephanie, her blog has undergone large changes. There's the cosmetic aspect--she's got a new design that is a big departure from her former design. You can get a feel for it from the small thumbnail on the side of my blog. She's also changed her own body design a bit. She had her eyebrow pierced! And there's a little story behind that which you might want to read--especially if you're a guy!

Stephanie has a very organized schedule to her blog. She'll have posts about things that grab her fancy but she also has a regular set of topics that coexist on her blog:
  • Monday: Site/Product News
  • Tuesday: Rants
  • Wednesday: Site Review
  • Thursday: Weekly Contest
  • Friday: Observations
  • Saturday: Ask the Tarot
  • Sunday: Kudos

The newest of these topics is "Ask the Tarot", it just started this week. Formerly it was "Photo of the Week" but not enough people submitted photos so now Stephanie wants her readers to submit questions for her to answer via her Tarot cards. One fortunate individual a week will get a free reading. Of course if you're in a hurry you can always pay for one of her regular readings.

Stephanie's Thursday contest this week is a great one for bloggers:

This week’s contest, in honor of my new blog design, is going to be awarding one lucky winner with a new blog or website re-design. The rules for this week’s contest are very straightforward and simple. Post a comment on this entry telling me why your blog or personal website deserves to win a new design. “Because I can’t afford to pay for one” is a good, if somewhat obvious response, however I’m looking for a bit more detail.

Her deadline for this contest is Wednesday Feb 1 and I'll tell you one thing, being in the middle of doing my own's one Hell of a lot easier to let a professional do it!! This design stuff is soooo annoying! Okay, and a little fun too.


I'm here from Michele today Utenzi...
I'll go check out Stephanie's Blog, right now!
Lisa said…
LOVE Stephanie. She's one of my best blog pals. The story about the piereced eyebrow was great.
Carmi said…
I've been reading Stephanie for a while, and I wholeheartedly agree with your rationale for featuring her here. Her blog is a wonderful read, and I always come away from a visit with my thinking cap slightly askew. She never fails to get ya thinking.

Can't wait to see the new design!
Back once again from Michele!
I did visit Stephanie many hours ago...Very Interesting Blog!!!
Thanks for 'The Heads Up'!
sage said…
okay, I come here and now go to Stephanie's. From Michele's
Dropping by to say hello, via Michele's. I think I've visited Stephanie's once or twice this weekend.
Marcia said…
wow... that is an ORGANIZED blog! I could never keep to that schedule.

And speaking of Battle of the Blogs... I always vote for you when you battle!
kenju said…
I need a new look. I cannot afford to buy one. I don't know how to do it myself. Won't you take pity on me? Not you, Utenzi, I'm just kidding. Michele sent me.
Lisa said…
michele sending me back to say "HELLO"! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend
Teresa said…
I finally got around to visiting Stephanie. Thanks for the recommendation. It is an orderly site, but unique as is the author.
Le laquet said…
I wish that I was good at that whole "site design stuff" where as I'm only good at spaghetti carbonara and sudoku ... doesn't really cut it! Does it? I am going to go and "beg" at Stephanie's!

Hello from Michele Utenzi!
Le laquet said…
Oh, no comment!
Viamarie said…
Michele sent me. Have a funfilled weekend.
Chatty said…
Hey there! LTNS...Michele sent me and now I shall check out your tenant!
Anonymous said…
Here from Michele's... now I'll have to visit Stphanie's
Chesty said…
Hi I am visiting from Michele's now I am off to visit your tenant.
srp said…
Here from Michele.
Look at that eyebrow ring. She is more tolerant of pain than I. Hurts to look at it.
Prego said…
Not a big fan of the facial piercings, but to each his/her own...

Good looking blog - You've done some spit and polish, I see.

here via michele today.
Nikki-ann said…
Thanks for your comment. I've already visited the lovely Stephanie, so I'll reply to the comment you left me.

Leo (on the left hand side of my photo) is a Maine Coone too, well at least half Maine Coone... he's certainly more Maine Coone than anything else! We haven't had him long, but he's a wonderful cat. (I rescued him, he's about 8 months now).
Just dropping in to thank you once again for making me sound like God's gift to men and blogs (just kidding) Seriously though, you have cornered the market on making a girl feel great :) Thanks so much Dave.
Lora said…
What an organized blogging schedule. I tried to set up something like that once, but in my mind the best schedule is the one you've rebeled against.
Carmi said…
You have excellent taste in renters. Stephanie's site rocks!

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