I was hoping to have my next post accompanied by a new blog design. But the lazy title comes into play here. Every time I get Dreamweaver up and running I find some excuse to put off doing the coding.

And I've been lazy with the Photoshop side also--which is very unlike me. I love playing in Photoshop. Something must be wrong! Anyway, I've done one silly header, the one at the left.

I want to do a few more headers and decide which one I like the most--or maybe make skins out of them so they'd be user selectable. Too bad I've been so lazy with the coding side of things, eh? As things stand, I'm way far away from doing anything that complicated.

In any case, I need to make a few graphics to put at the top of the columns--I think it'll be a 2-column design--and then finish the color scheme and the general CSS nonsense. Given how busy I've been at my lab the past two weeks, I doubt I'll get this done for at least another week yet.

My priorities are obviously skewed here. Why isn't my blog coming before my job and sleep? LOL


chris Muir said…
a-ha! A fellow kayaker!

I use a 17' 'Emotion' down here on the intercoastal in Florida.
LOL Looks like I got over my laziness before you did :P Maybe my un-laziness will inspire un-laziness in you :) But I do understand how there are sometimes priorities that get in the way of us being able to do things we really want to do :)

I really am looking forward to the new design though!
Diane Mandy said…
eh hem... Notice that I am commenting on your site at 1am. If reading your blog can come before my sleep, I think you can muster up a new design. ;-)
Teresa said…
Priorities... hmmmm....

I miss the posts, Dave. You are getting as bad as me so far as posting. Well, no one is that bad, but you don't want to be compared to me, now do you?

I don't understand what you are trying to do, but I'm sure when I see it it will all be clear.
utenzi said…
Teresa, the posts have been coming about 3 times a week lately. It's unlike me, I admit. I normally just blab, blab, blab

Diane, thanks for visiting so late. I know you start off your day very early--with lots of coffee. Some of your posts are around 7am! Which isn't much after when I go to bed.

Stephanie, you're absolutely right. I do have to get that design done and implemented. And I suspect once I've done one--a lot more will get done since I'll know what I'm doing at that point.

Chris, I love kayaking. It's great being out on the water. My favorite kayak is a foot shorter than yours but I never take it on rivers, just lakes. I almost moved to FL 7 years ago just because of all the small lakes in the region between Tampa and Orlando.
Uisce said…
Interesting. You could have doggy open his/her mouth and the posts are scrolling right there! Brilliant!
Oreo said…
Yeah, should have gotten there sooner. You could have won the cat toy like Edsel did..... :)
netchick said…
Wow, Dave. You are putting your work first???! Unbelievable. The lab doesn't deserve you, your fans do!

Just kidding. I still can't get to my freekin' updates from my adventures on my trip, because of all the work I came back to. Oh, and my new home machine (laptop) hasn't arrived yet, which doesn't help.

I look forward to seeing your new creation, even with the "CSS nonsense" (ehhe... CSS is good!)
Michelle said…
I'm sure whatever you choose will look wonderful :)
Jade said…
Obviously skewed indeed! I am a little worried for you.....

Creeepy photo of the dog! Looks like something from Pet Cemetary!
Plumkrazzee said…
That pic is gonna give me nightmares. Thanks. ;)

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